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This course has been designed to provide front line staff with the skills required to convey and maintain a customer sensitive culture and promote the company image to customers.  The course will provide the skills to enable a positive approach to be maintained towards colleagues and customers leading to more effective working relationships and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Moreover, as English language is a barrier, English for Customer Care has been developed for people working in customer service who need a good level of English. You might be working in the sales or customer service department of a company, or you might have direct contact with customers in a bank or centre. In all of these situations you need languages skills and specific techniques in order to be able to communicate successfully. English for customer care not only offers expressions and vocabulary; it also addresses strategies related to the effective use of English in a business context.


At the end of the program, learners will be able: 

  1. To define customer care and customers’ expectation.
  2. To identify the benefits of customer care.
  3. To enhance skills and qualities for good customer care.
  4. To express and suggest strategies for customer care.
  5. To describe exceptional customer service.
  6. To recognize and adapt to specific customer behavior style.
  7. To demonstrate how to measure customer satisfaction level and take action if needed.
  8. To introduce body language effect in presentations.
  9. To meet the do’s and don’ts of customer care.
  10. To identify general telephone skills.
  11. To identify what customer really care.
  12. To enhance effective questioning and listening skills.
  13. To creating the right impression.
  14. To clarify and explain and check comprehension.
  15. To introduce strategies for effective writing letters and emails.
  16. To learn techniques dealing how to soothe angry customers.
  17. To learn how to deal with misunderstanding and complaints.
  18. To develop a customer friendly attitude.
  19. To retain customer confidence and reach agreement.
  20. To learn how to soften bad news and apologizing.
  21. To learn the steps of problem solving.
  22. To develop an action plan to improve customer care skills.
  23. To make a checklist for customer care and ways to follow up.
  24. To develop team building with customer care.
  25. To revise all the learned skills
  26. To  test all the required objectives


  1.  Who Are Our Customers?
  2. What Is Customer Service?
  3. Customer Care and Competition.
  4. Creating the Right Impression.
  5. Establishing Customers Preference.
  6. Effective Questioning and Listening Skills.
  7. Reaching Agreement.
  8. Dealing With Misunderstandings and Complaints.
  9. Developing a Customer Friendly Attitude.
  10. Personal Awareness and Body Language.
  11. Business vocabulary presented and practiced in context.
  12. Key expressions for work-related communication, including. meetings, presentations, telephoning, and exchanging information.
  13. Everyday phrases for short, informal conversations in and around the workplace.
  14. Key grammar for accurate communication in work situations.


  1.  Practical exercises.
  2. Presentation.
  3. Group discussion.
  4. Problem solving.
  5. Role play.
  6. Case study.

About Logic Institute

Logic Institute for Training and HR Development was formed in Bahrain in 2010. It was founded by a group of highly educated and successful Bahraini who are adamant on developing and improving the level of Training in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Thus, Logic’s management philosophy envisions Logic to be recognized as a leading institution that provides high quality of training, through inspiring its trainees towards their professional development to their outmost performance.

Logic programs are mainly in CIPS, ICM, English Language, IT programmes, Health & Safety (CIEH), Value Engineering , Soft Skills cTheirses, American Petroleum programs (API) and Project Management Professional (PMP). Each section has an experienced head that coordinates and is responsible to the related affairs of the department. Logic is an approved exam center for UK & USA institutions such as CIPS, ICM, CIEH, API, and Value Engineering and it is toward getting other center approvals from various awarding bodies such as LCCI for English, CIPD for human resTheirces, City & Guilds for retail, Cost Engineering and many others.

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