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  • Location: Online
  • Duration: Upto 6 Months

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    Business Blockchain Fundamentals:
    Foundations of Blockchain and its Categories
    Blockchain Advantages and Its Challenges
    Structure and Essential Components
    Decentralization vs Distributed Systems

    Cryptography Essentials
    Bitcoin, Keys and addresses, Transactions and Blocks
    Bitcoin network and Wallets
    Introduction to Altcoins,
    Elements of Alternative currencies
    Mining cryptocurrencies

    Proof of Work - Concepts and Applications
    Understanding Proof of Stake
    Proof of Authority Proof of Elapsed time Blockchain and banks - Implementation Systems
    Cryptocurrency Wallets and their Elements
    Practical Blockchain Implementations
    Major Digital Currencies - Ripple, Steller, Tendermint and Monax

    The Hyperledger Fabric
    Hyperledger- Essential Tools
    Ethereum Platform -Structure and Components
    The Ether Digital Asset
    Exploring Solidity
    Programming in Solidity - Frameworks and Syntax
    Fundamentals of Smart Contracts and Advanced Applications
    Limitations of Smart Contracts
    Ethereum Applications Design and Development
    Ethereum Accounts and Ether Tokens
    Decentralized Applications
    Mining Essentials

    Initial coin offering - Key Concepts
    Creating Your Own Cryptocurrency
    Scalability and Decentralization
    Blockchains - Business Implementations

    Business Implementation Challenges
    Blockchain Security Essentials - 51% attacks
    Blockchain Security Essentials- Catastrophic Bugs
    Concepts of Network Forks
    Lack of interoperability
    Low availability of blockchain skills
    Energy consumption

    Shaping the Digital Future with Blockchain
    Legal and Regulatory Aspects
    Technology Stabilization
    Cross Chain Communication
    Blockchain and AI

    BUSINESS BLOCKCHAIN USE-CASES Updated on 15 April, 2019

    Eligibility / Requirements

    Bachelor Degree Holders
    Minimum two years Work Experience 

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