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This course consists of two parts: theory and PRACTICAL CASE BROUGHT BY STUDENT REVISION. For the theory, we allocate 4-8 hours depending on student's level. Practical part (12-8 hours respectively) is on-to-one on-the-job training! Student will work on his company model under our trainer supervision.
Financial Modelling is a tool that could be used to forecast a company's future financial performance based on the historical performance of the entity. Financial Modelling includes preparing of detailed company specific models which are then used for the purpose of decision making and performing financial analysis. It is nothing but constructing a financial representation of some, or all, aspects of the firm or given security. OR it is mathematical model of different aspects of financial health of a given company and this model can be made on a simple not book paper or in excel, with later it is easily possible to analyse the impact of different assumptions or change in value of various variables hence gives the more flexibility. Financial modelling is a mirror which shows whether
  • An Organization is in need of additional funds (debt or equity) or not
  • how a business will react to different financial situations or market conditions
  • In which company we should make investment for better returns i.e. comparative analysis
  • Analysing and defining  the risk level
  • Has the company had a change in direction that is loss of customers, expansion etc.
  • Identifying of Strategic and Business Plans through finding strengths and weaknesses.
  • It's a technique to value and analyse Firms, IPOs and FPOs

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