London International Studies Building Information Modeling (BIM) London International Studies
Price: AED 1,800
Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.

Course details

  •  Autodesk BIM 360 introduction
  •  Project Home Overview
  •  Understand about Document Management UI
  •  Study of Document Management workflow
  •  Gaining Access to BIM 360
  •  Account Admin Interface
  •  Setting Up the Account Profile
  •  Project Admin Module
  •  Project Admin Interface
  • Setting up Permissions
  • Upload and Open Project
  • Overview of Navigation Techniques
  • Advanced Viewing Tools
  • Communication and Analysis Tools
  • Measuring Tools and their usage
  • Marking Up Documents
  • Comparison of Document/Model Versions
  • Create Issues
  • RFIs
  •  Revit Worksharing on Cloud
  • Opening and Saving Files from Cloud
  • Linking Project from the BIM 360 Cloud
  • Collaboration within BIM 360
  • Design Collaboration Module Interface
  •  Introduction to Project Coordination
  • Project Coordination Interface
  • Model Coordination Workflow
  • Uploading Projects
  • Take insight and Mark Up Clashes
  • Study of RFI Workflow
  • Create Project RFIs
  • Working with Submittals
  • Introduction to the Field Management Module
  • Field Issues and their solution workflow
  • Daily Logs regarding action taken
  • Dealing with Checklists
  • Field Reports
  • Insight Module
Updated on 13 July, 2022

Eligibility / Requirements

Anyone who is interested can take up the course

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