Building and Leading Customer-Centric Organizations Leadership & Management Developmenet Center
  • Locations: Agouza
  • Duration: 5 Days

Course details

This intensive, highly focused program presents the vision, strategy, and leadership imperatives for build¬ing and leading a customer-focused organization. By exploring such topics as what defines a customer-centric organization, how customer centricity varies in busi¬ness-to-business versus business-to-consumer compa¬nies, shaping strategies that prevent commoditization, leveraging IT systems for competitive advantage, and leading a customer-centric organization, you will gain critical insights into successfully aligning your organization around your customers’ needs. As a result of this unique educational experience, you will return to your organiza¬tion better prepared to:

  • Develop a comprehensive blueprint for a customer-driven organization.
  • Foster a culture of customer centricity within your organization.
  • Effectively lead your organization through the change process required to attain customer centricity.

Main Topics

Customer Centricity: Why It Is Important?

  • Analyze the differences between customer-centric and customer-focused organizations.
  • Learn why the entire organization must realign to attain true customer centricity.
  • Gain strategies for avoiding commoditization and improving product and service innovation.

What Involved?

  • Gain a holistic view of the customer ecosystem and its various components.
  • Move away from a business that is organized around functions or products to one that is aligned around customers, internal stakeholders, channel partners, and organizational processes, structures, and systems.
  • Identify the challenges associated with a customer-centric organization.

How to Achieve It?

  • Develop a strategy for leading and managing change within your organization to achieve customer centricity.
  • Identify landmarks and landmines inherent in imple¬menting customer centricity.
  • Assess the effectiveness of key metrics and mile¬stones that companies use to quantify and measure their success.
  • Explore the best ways of leveraging human capital to foster product and service innovation.

Target Group

Designed for senior executives in business-to-business or business-to-consumer companies, including leaders from the areas of product development, human resources, business development, finance, and marketing.

Course Location

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