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Learn all the skills needed to become a professional broadcaster. This course covers Radio and TV where students produce their own radio links, radio ads and video news stories. Students who complete this course will add content to their portfolio including a recorded news bulletin and a professionally produced video news story. WMA provides video camera and guidance on editing software. 

Topics Covered

  • Intro to Radio
  • Writing for Radio
  • Presenting for Radio
  • Producing Radio Advertisements
  • Voice Modulation Training
  • News Reading
  • Intro to TV News
  • Filming a News Story
  • Writing for TV
  • Video Editing
  • TV Presenting
Updated on 16 November, 2017

About World Media Academy

Why choose World Media Academy?
Dubai is the first broadcast media centric educational program in the UAE supported by ICFJ curriculum. WMA students in Dubai have landed internship positions at various newspapers, magazines, and radio stations including New You Magazine, OK Middle East, Radio 2, Suno Radio and others. WMA Dubai's faculty is made up of the leading media professions working in the UAE today!

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