Lesson 1 (theory)

Initial preparation

  • The basic concepts of the bride makeup
  • Common factor between the bridal makeup and other makeup
  • The difference between bridal makeup and other makeup
  • Discovering and identifying the nine personalities of a woman


  • Reception and bride preparation 
  • Create mutual trust between the makeup artist and the bride 

Lesson 2 (theory and practice)

Skin Preparation

  • Skin Treatment
  • Lighting skin
  • Colors and types of foundation for bride
  • Colors and types of translucent powder for bride

Lesson 3 (theory and practice) 

Eye makeup 

  • Design technique 
  • Different design to fit the forms of the eyes
  • Special design 

Lesson 4 (theory and practice)

Color circle

  • Desired make-up color of the bride, to match the motif 
  • Color consistency and compatibility with appearance

Lesson 5 (theory and practice)

  • Eyebrows technique
  • Artificial eyelashes
  • Blush technique
  • Lips technique
  • The importance of these techniques and inter-linkages for the final appearance 

Lesson 6 (practice)

  • Makeup application full face
  • Makeup consistency
  • Unique Bridal make-up 
  • Final touch

Lesson 7 (practice)

  • Exam preparation

Final examinations


A leading group of companies, was founded in Beirut / Lebanon since 1992 to start later in Dubai, Sharjah, Doha and Damascus. As a group specializing in the field of beauty, luxury and creativity.

Under the same umbrella more than 100 experts are working as administrative affairs, marketing, sales, beauty, cosmetologists, technicians, photographers, models, trainers and instructors...were distributed among the cosmetic showrooms, beauty centres, beauty training centres, Commercial photographs production and advertising agencies, exhibition organizer, fashion shows organizer, modeling agency, event management...

The growth of the group could be attributed to the vision of

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