he Boxercise Instructor course is a one day eight hour intensive course designed to meet the needs of instructors who would like to gain a foundation in the fundamental techniques of boxing. These skills can then be used to teach classes or with 1-to-1 clients. The aim of the Boxercise Instructor course is to ensure the Instructors leave able to competently coach the basics of Boxercise to a participant, allowing them to work out safely whilst having fun and gaining a skill. On completion of the course attendees will be able to take a Boxercise style class, or use the skills learnt for personal training clients or bootcamp.

Who should take this course?

  • Gym Instructors who would like to begin teaching in the studio - increase your personal income and employability.
  • Studio teachers looking to increase the variety of classes they offer (and attract both men and women to the studio).
  • Personal Trainers adding to their range of skills and activities - Boxercise is fantastic for 1-to-1 sessions - your clients can never go away and do this on their own, which helps with retention!
  • Boxing coaches/Boxers looking to increase secondary revenue for their gyms, enter the fitness industry or gain valuable coaching techniques not taught elsewhere.
  • PE teachers looking to engage children in fun physical activity and expand their experience of fitness.

What will I learn?

  • Punches - learn and practice the eight fundamental punches ensuring correct & safe technique. Learn the importance of good footwork and stance.
  • Group Work Section including instructing skills & Boxercise Aerobics.
  • Boxing Equipment Discussion and good practice recommendations. Class format and design.
  • Padwork - Learn all the relevant safety and coaching points for using the focus pads. Also learn how to coach every punching fault so you are prepared for when it occurs in a real world situation.
  • Assessment - Ability to coach, teach and instruct a novice puncher and demonstrate all punches safely and effectively.
  • Footwork drills 1-17 for the Boxercise Footwork Training System.

Completion of the course?

Once you have passed the Boxercise Course you pay a licence fee of ©30 per year to remain on the International Register of Boxercise Instructors. This allows you to use the name Boxercise to describe your fitness activity, without this you may not use the name under any circumstances

"CAREERSPORT FITNESS ACADEMY is the first company in Ireland to operate a dedicated professional service in training and recruitment exclusively for health, fitness, sport & leisure. The academy's vision is the ongoing commitment to assist individuals, companies and organisations within these sectors to achieve their goals through specialist services in training & recruitment. CareerSport Tutors & Recruitment Consultants are selected because of their extensive knowledge, professional experience and their proven track records in fitness, health, sport and leisure.

Training Values

  • Provides outstanding customer care is unique because we are committed to raising the Industry standards and setting a new benchmark for qualified fitness professionals.
  • CareerSport Fitness Academy provides specialist advice in sports coaching – individual and team fitness, skills development programs and sports psychology including emotional intelligence.
  • CareerSport Fitness Academy aim is to enhance the fitness and value of individuals and teams by providing the highest professional standards in teaching and coaching."
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