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The Global language for business is English and with people from different cultures coming into the UAE for business, it is important that you understand the importance and impact of English as a language. Business English is different from General English and hence the outcome is different. At ICE, the objective of this course is to empower the participants with knowledge of creating an impact on business with appropriate usage of English as a Global Business Language.

Who is this course for?

  • Jobseekers
  • Frontline Liaison Staff
  • Sales Executives (Telesales & Direct)
  • Managers and Supervisors within the Service Industry
  • Employees Working Or Looking To Work Within The Service Industry (Tourism, Hospitality etc.)

What will I learn?

  • Antiquated set phrases and expressions vs clear, understandable ‘International’ English.
  • Active voice rather than passive
  • False subjects
  • Sentence length and structure
  • Double negatives
  • Avoiding jargon, technical terms and abbreviations
  • Complex vs simple words
  • Wordiness
  • Abstract words
  • Ambiguous words
  • Business Writing: Paragraph length, date formats, sums of money, bullet points, layout of texts

How will I benefit from taking this course/What career paths will be open to me?

  • Better Awareness about the English Language 
  • Improved Communication Abilities 
  • Heightened understanding about the English Language, thereby minimizing delays or miscommunication within the workplace due to a poor grasp over the Language 
  • An Insight into how simple and easy, Formal Standard Business English can be.

How will I be assessed?

Formative Assessments

Entry requirements

Basic Knowledge and Understanding of English

Updated on 08 November, 2015

About The International Centre of Excellence (ICE)

The International Centre of Excellence (ICE) is a renowned and registered private educational, training and consultancy institution.  ICE is also fully approved by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education and fully endorsed by the South African Embassy to render high-value, world-class education and training programs and services to corporate entities, banking and financial institutions, the aviation sector, hospitality and tourism sectors, motor industries and educational institutions. ICE recognizes the importance of the English language for flourishing businesses/individuals and has the qualified competence and experience to render internationally benchmarked services whilst incorporating successful learning methodologies. Training outcomes and resulting recommendations from major corporate brands, governmental institutions and individuals is a proof of ICE’s high quality deliverables.

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