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Master the fundamentals of Digital Photography in four 3-Hour Lessons with award-winning photographer Karen Lucas.

SUITABLE FOR:  Complete Beginners and those who try different camera settings but don’t really understand them
MAXIMUM CLASS SIZE:  8 Participants
GEAR NEEDED:  Any Digital Camera with P (Program) and Av/A (Aperture Priority) mode
COURSE DURATION: 4 x 3 Hour Classes
COURSE FEE INCLUDES: Course Manual, Tea & Coffee + Karen Lucas Photography Club Membership


Workshop 1
  • File Size & Image Quality
  • Memory Cards & Formatting
  • Menu & Camera Navigation
  • Fine-tuning the viewfinder for your eyesight
  • Choose the right Exposure Mode
  • Intro to ISO & the Exposure Triangle
  • Let’s move off Auto to Program mode
  • How to avoid camera shake blur
  • How to get pin-sharp focus
  • Rule of Thirds Composition Technique
  • Practical Exercises to get you started
Workshop 2
  • 10 ways to add the Wow! factor to your photos
  • Exposure compensation
  • Silhouettes & High Key Photos
  • Balancing exposure & image quality
  • Lens perspective & angle of View
  • Choosing the right lens for the shot
  • Lens Cleaning Technique
  • Filters vs Hoods
  • How to avoid distracting background
  • Using light to create drama & mood
  • Easy-to-use Tools to rescue your photos
  • Practical Exercises
  • Individual critique on your assignment photos
Workshop 3
  • Depth of Field
  • Aperture Priority Mode
  • Reciprocity of Aperture & Speed
  • White Balance
  • 6 Creative Composition techniques
  • Choosing the right Light to flatter your subject
  • The Magical Blue Hour
  • Step by step: Editing and organising your photos
  • Photo Backup
  • Practical Exercises
  • Individual critique on your assignment photos
Workshop 4
  • Picture Styles/Controls
  • Light Metering
  • Manual Focus
  • Post-Shoot Ritual
  • Summary of Lessons Learned
Time to Practice using all those buttons you’ve learned about
  • Pin-sharp focus
  • Blur the background & foreground
  • Enhance colour
  • Fix brightness problems
  • Program vs Aperture Priority mode
  • Avoid camera-shake blur
  • Compose with subject off-centre
  • Use at least 5 creative composition techniques
Updated on 07 June, 2018

Eligibility / Requirements

Suitable for anyone that wants to unravel the mysteries of their camera and create photos they’re proud of. No experience necessary.

Job roles this course is suitable for:

Photography Enthusiast , Hobby Photographer , DSLR owner

About Karen Lucas Photography

Do you love taking photos while exploring new places? Would you like to improve your camera or creative skills in the company of an amazing bunch of photography-lovers from all over the world?

Karen Lucas Photography offers exciting and interactive Photography Workshops and Photo Walks for all levels in Singapore, plus unforgettable Photography Tours to Bhutan, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Karen is an accomplished photographer with over 10 years experience as an editorial, portrait and travel photographer and has been teaching photography in Asia since 2007. She loves sharing her passion and expertise, and specialises in teaching photography on location, visiting the many fascinating, beautiful, iconic, and sometimes-quirky places in Singapore and South East Asia.

Karen offers a comprehensive, step-by-step learning program to ensure you master your camera and take your creativity to new heights.

See upcoming events at www.karenlucasphoto.com or email karen@karenlucasphoto.com for more information.
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