Beginners Arabic I Arabic Language Centre
Price: AED 2100
  • Location: Dubai UAE
  • Duration: 32 Hours

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    Their unique method of teaching, combined with our enthusiastic native-speaking teachers, makes Arabic fun and easy to learn. The structured courses are comprehensive and teach vocabulary and topics relevant to everyday life. Their courses offer students the opportunity to learn from complete beginners course through to A-Levels, and beyond. Importantly,their courses enable students to be understood in different parts of the Arab world, whilst helping them to understand and be aware of different regional accents and expressions.

    • Script: Basic Rules of Arabic Writing, Recognition of Script, Pronunciation of Sounds, Contrast between Sounds, Harakaat.
    • Topics: Common Greetings, Getting Acquainted, Introductions, Giving Personal Data (Name, Occupation, Country of Origin, Nationality), Everyday Conversation, Family and Relations, Welcoming a Guest, Asking Questions using When, Where, What, How, How Much, How Many, Telling the Time, Days of the Week, Prepositions, Expressions
    • Grammar: Basic Word Structure, Verb Conjugation - Present Future Verb Tense, Descriptive Pattern, Interrogatives, Pronoun Pattern, Function Words, Dual and Plural forms of Nouns, Negations, Masculine-Feminine Nouns and Adjectives, the Article “’al”, Demonstrative ArticlesNumbers:
    • Numbers and Rules of Counting 0 – 10, 11 – 19, 20 – 90, 21 – 99, 100 →, Mathematical Symbols, Telephone Numbers, Telling the Date, Telling the Time
    • Extras: Listening Comprehension, Role Plays, Translations, Little Words, Extra Vocabulary, Forms of Address, Adverbs of Time.
    Updated on 08 November, 2015

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    About Arabic Language Centre

    The Arabic Language Centre (ALC) was established in 1980 to teach Arabic as a foreign language. Founder, Maliha Wehbe, developed the course and books in such a way that students can enjoy learning this rich language. Each year,they teach over 1000 students, representing a wide variety of nationalities and working backgrounds. They pride ourselves on being a small, specialized business and welcoming students to learn Arabic in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. We continually review and update our courses in order to meet the needs of our students. The effectiveness of their programmes can be judged by the where to purchase nolvadex excellent examination results their students achieve with the external examining boards. They boast a 100% pass rate with mostly Distinctions, As and the occasional B.

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