Basic Make-Up Kontar Beauty & Training Centre - Qatar
Price: QAR 4,954
  • Locations: Deira
  • Duration: 30 Hours

Course details

Lesson 1 (theory)

  • Make-up introduction


  • Working station
  • Work and preparation


  • Cleanliness of the place
  • Appearance and personal hygiene

Tools and sterilization

  • Definition of the tools and their uses
  • Sterilization of the tools after use
  • Use and maintenance of tools respecting healthy rules


  • Reception manners and Preparation of the client
  • Creating a mutual trust between the make-up artist and the client
  • Discovering and identifying the nine personalities of a woman

Lesson 2 (theory)

Make-up is a visual trick

  • Study of the many forms of the face
  • Study of the features of the face
  • Trick of light and shade and their interrelation

The color

  • The color theory (degree and intensity)
  • Primary colors
  • Definition and use of tools

Lesson 3 (theory & practice)

Eyebrows technique

  • Face lines
  • Trimming eyebrows 
  • Correcting eyebrows shape
  • Correcting eyebrows line
  • Changing the face shape by working on eyebrows
  • Eyebrows filling, redrawing and combing
  • Eyebrows shape with respect to face form

Lesson 4 (theory & practice)

Skin prepatiaron

  • Categories and characteristics of the skin
  • Preparing the skin before applying the cream
  • Skin Corrections
  • Around eyes area base
  • Selecting skin cream
  • Powder cathegories
  • Powder application
  • Blusher application

Lesson 5 (Theory & practice)

Eyes make-up

  • Definition of the core parts of the eye
  • Eyes Line according to the form of the face
  • Changing curvature of the eyes shape
  • Lengthening the eyes shape
  • How to apply 'light-dark' to the eyelids
  • The shadows' color
  • Inner side eyelid make-up
  • Applying artificial eyelashes 
  • How to correct the eyes shape through artificial eyelashes

Lesson 6 (theory & practice)

Make-up to change the eyes shape

  • Make-up for 'almond' eyes shape
  • Make-up to lengthen the eyes shape
  • Make-up for small eyes shape

Lesson 7 (theory & practice)

Correcting eyes shape

  • Eyes with a short distance in between
  • Eyes with a large distance in between
  • Eyes with folded eyelids
  • Hollowed eyes
  • Bulging eyes

Lesson 8 (theory & practice)

Lips make-up

  • Preparing lips for make-up
  • Lips contour 
  • Color choice 
  • Drawing lipstick technique
  • Correcting lips shape to go with the face features
  • Small lips
  • Big lips 
  • Short distance between lips and nose 
  • Long distance between lips and nose
  • Thick lips
  • The light and dark color of the lips
  • Errors that must be avoided

Lesson 9 (theory & practice)

Bride's make-up

  • About the bride's make-up
  • Differences that distinguish it from other make-up
  • Amendments made ​​during the make-up process

Lesson 10 (theory & practice)

  • Preparation for the exams

Final examinations


Course Location

About Kontar Beauty & Training Centre - Qatar

A leading group of companies, was founded in Beirut / Lebanon since 1992 to start later in Dubai, Sharjah, Doha and Damascus. As a group specializing in the field of beauty, luxury and creativity.

Under the same umbrella more than 100 experts are working as administrative affairs, marketing, sales, beauty, cosmetologists, technicians, photographers, models, trainers and instructors...were distributed among the cosmetic showrooms, beauty centres, beauty training centres, Commercial photographs production and advertising agencies, exhibition organizer, fashion shows organizer, modeling agency, event management...

The growth of the group could be attributed to the vision of

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