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If you are looking forward to make a good career and earn a lot of money, thenBasic-computer-skills-CMN-6.2011 the first thing that you have to understand is that you have to learn the trends of the time. You cannot just live by saying that what you have learned is enough. This is the time when one has to gather as much knowledge as possible to increase the chances of a better life. So, you need to learn basic computer course.

What will you learn in Basic Computer Course?

Whether or not you have a PC at home, you must have to learn about computer as fast as you can.

  • In a basic computer course you will learn about computer and its functions.
  • MS Office, MS Word, paint and other software that are there in all the computers.
  • Along with that you will learn about internet.
  • How to connect your computer with internet and how to browse.
  • You will learn MS Dos.

Basically you will learn about operating a computer at the very basic level in this basic computer course..

Why us?

In most of the institutions you have to pay a lot of money for learning computer courses. You definitely won’t like to pay much more money than is required. So, you must enroll in our institution. Here you will get,

  • One to one teacher student ratio for better learning and understanding.
  • Assistance from every possible level of the institution.
  • Reasonable course fee.
  • Convenient location of the institution and its branches.
  • You can even get discount if you want to opt for any other Computer courses after completing the basic one.

So, indeed this is a good choice on your part.

Basic Computer Course Contents

Introduction to Computer

  • Definition of Computer
  • peripheral devices
  • Understanding applications
  • Benefits of Computer
  • Basic knowledge of Computer
  • Representation of data/information concepts of data processing
  • File backup process

Introduction to Windows

  • Meaning of an operating system and basic of windows?
  • User interface process
  • How to setting Windows?
  • Learn advanced Windows

Basic DOS commands

  • Difference between DOS and Windows
  • Switching Between DOS and Windows
  • Uses of DOS
  • Fundamental of basic DOS commands
  • Advanced Windows

Elements of Word Processing

  • Word Processing Basic
  • Opening and closing documents
  • Moving around in a document
  • Document wizard
  • Text creation and manipulation
  • Formatting text
  • Handle multiple document
  • Table manipulation
  • Printing

Spread Sheet

  • What is spread sheet and it’s elements?
  • How to use spread sheet?
  • Manipulation of cells
  • Saving documents & providing formulas
  • Spread sheet used for Small accountings

Computer Communication and Internet

  • Fundamental of Computer networks
  • Define Internet
  • Connection to the Internet
  • Search engine

World wide web and Web Browsers

  • Web browsing S/W
  • Uses of Internet
  • Chatting
  • Searching


  • How to setup an new email account?
  • Emails
  • Emails viruses
  • Handling document

Making Small Presentations

  • Basics
  • Concepts of presentations
  • Slide show presentation and manipulation
  • Aesthetics
  • Slide manipulation
  • How to make slideshow presentation?

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