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· Define supply chain management – flows, metrics, frameworks, goals, and organizational structures
· Describe the various types of information systems and technology currently used in the supply chain
· Describe how teams work together to create successful customer relationships
· Summarize the customer satisfaction model
· Discuss the difference between internal and external customers
· Explain the difference between manufacturing and service operations
· Recognize the steps in the procurement process
· Understand that there are different types of buyer-supplier relationships
· Define the concept of strategic sourcing
· Explain why it is important to consider the total cost of ownership when making purchases
· Categorize the different types of demand patterns
· Discuss the importance of S&OP in the integrated supply chain
· List several KPIs for successful inventory management
· Articulate some of the key operations of a warehouse (, receiving, storage, product placement, filling orders, and order picking processes)
· Understand how different areas of product transportation affect the overall success of companies
· Identify the challenges in establishing efficient and effective transportation processes within industries
· Determine which modes of transportation are more cost effective in given situations and why
· Demonstrate metrics used to measure transportation service quality and efficiency Updated on 05 March, 2019

Job roles this course is suitable for:

Analysts , Technologists , Supervisors ,

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