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    PRINCE2® (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a practical, process-based methodology which lays out step-by-step guidance for project management, and defines clear processes, steps and templates. It covers complementary topics such as portfolio, programme, project, and service management. The PRINCE2® project management framework is truly generic and can be wrapped around any delivery approach. It has been built from widely accepted best practices and can be applied to any project regardless of organisation, type or culture.

    This methodology was originally developed by the Office of Government Commerce in the UK but is much valued across the world because of its flexibility, practicality and scalability. KnowledgeHut has been assessed after rigorous evaluation and conferred the title of Accredited Training Organization (ATO) by APMG Group, UK.

    There are two levels of qualification. The Foundation Level is the first qualification required to become a PRINCE2® Practitioner. This level measures a candidate’s comprehension of the principles and terminology of PRINCE2®, and certifies that he can act as an informed member of a project management team using PRINCE2® and within an environment supporting PRINCE2®.

    The Practitioner Level is the second level and candidates must pass the Foundation exam before proceeding to the Practitioner level. This level is for candidates looking to deepen and refine their learning, before they can apply and tailor PRINCE2® to a specific scenario situation. A certified candidate will be able to start working on real projects immediately.

    How will I benefit from taking this course?

    • PRINCE2® provides a controlled and organized start, middle and closure to a project.
    • Understand the process-based approach of PRINCE2® towards project management
    • Learn the importance of regular reviews of progress against plan and against the Business Case 
    • Understand the importance of involvement of management and stakeholders at the right time and place during the project and the importance of free communication between the project, project management, and the rest of the organization
    • Focus on what the project has to deliver by breaking down the project into major products
    • Learn to delegate, monitor, and control
    • Exercise change control: Delegate change authorization for quick decision making
    • Increase the project management skills and competences of the organization’s staff at all levels

    Eligibility :
    There are no eligibility criteria for the PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Exam; however, basic project management knowledge would be advisable.

    Who is this course for?

    • Product Managers
    • Engineering leads
    • Business Analysts
    Updated on 08 November, 2015

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