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In this course, you learn the Associate Value Specialists AVS terminology, tools and techniques required to pass the AVS ® exam. You will receive a CD of material including the AVS ® Guide and practice exam bank questions. You also receive the Campus Education AVS ® attendance Certificate.

Over the course of this workshop you will learn all the tools and techniques of the Value Engineering methodology and the function analysis process. You will learn how to apply a variety of Value Engineer analytical tools to save up to 30 % of the cost, to achieve overall process improvement objectives. The instructor will also cover skills for leading Value Engineer teams and managing VE sessions.Once you’ve completed the training you will become eligible for certification by SAVE international.

Program Objective

  • Apply function-oriented thinking to any project.
  • Conduct creativity sessions.
  • Create FAST diagrams.
  • Develop ideas and concepts into detailed proposals complete with business case data and implementation action plans.
  • Select project and team members.
  • Explain the value concept and reasons for unnecessary cost.

Target Audience

Project Managers, Project Team Members, Project Engineer, Design Engineer, Project Leaders, Industrial Engineer, Program Managers, Operation Managers, Functional Managers, Accountants, Sales Team Supervisors, Safety Managers and supervisors. All individuals need to learn the value engineering methodology and apply them to their projects to add value and improve the rate of return


The basic principles and organization pre study stage + information phase

  • Definitions , objectives and target of value engineering
  • Principles of value engineer.
  • Organization and planning of value engineering.
  • Stages of value Engineering.
  • Value engineering phases ( information & data collection – function analysis – creativity phase – evaluation – development and presentation)
  • Formulation of working group on value engineering.
  • Analysis of initial requirements and specification.
  • Benchmarking and gathering information about available solutions.

Function analysis phase + fast diagram:

  • Function identification.
  • Function classification
  • Level of Abstractions.
  • Function Analysis system techniques Drawing the fast diagram of the case study.

Creativity , evaluation and development Phases

  • Functional cost analysis ( Function analysis)
  • Techniques of group discussion and idea generation.
  • Development of performance indicators ( Financial and Non Financial ).
  • Quality base selection.

Life cycle costing , presentation and post study case.

  • Simulation of life cycle costs.
  • Evaluation of options and proposals on the basis of the value engineering.
  • Reporting format of value engineering.
  • Using the results of value engineering in projects of capital constructions.
  • Implementation of the results of value engineering.

Preparation of AVS Exam.

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