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  • Describe how CM interacts with the two platforms it is available upon in version 6.3 FP3.
  • Identify the internal architecture of Communication Manager 6.3 SP3 by exploring some of its most relevant processes which are frequently made reference to, in logs; other CM outputs.
  • Describe the ability of the CM to break down its endpoints ; resources into multiple locations to match local conditions in large deployments.
  • Interpret the IMS SIP Architecture applied to CM and the real differences between Feature Server ; Evolution Server and how to fit them in SIP Application Sequence.
  • Experiment with digit treatment, call processing ; call routing of incoming ; outgoing calls through CM.
  • Analyse the H.323 umbrella applied to CM,Codecs, and Direct ; Intervening Network Regions
  • Identify how CM deals with ISDN T1/E1 Trunk Interfaces, Signalling Groups ; Trunk Groups according to Standards.
  • Define a logical approach to troubleshooting and identify common Best Practices for Technical Support.
  • Identify, evaluate ; take actions on the most common CM issues in the field through a logical methodology.
  • Analyse and resolve abnormal or undesirable CM behaviour based on alarms and events.
  • Track down events in CM based on the most commonly used Logs.
  • Identify Network Related issues beyond CM control.
  • Recognize Phone ; PC port sharing scenarios.
  • Capture ; Interpret network traffic related to CM endpoints ; elements.
  • Apply additional check-up routines to guarantee the readiness ; correct operation of a Survivable Server.
  • Define auxiliary servers that can be useful for Upgrades ; Updates.
  • Perform CM Server Upgrades ; Updates across its various offers.
  • Differentiate among upgrading methods for G650 ; G450-or-similar gateways and their various types of modules.
  • Upgrade a phone based on the upgrade/settings files
  • List the data types that are backed up for Communication Manager,Communication Manager Messaging and System Platform.
  • Perform backups using different options in Communication Manager.
  • Restore a backup in CM.
  • Schedule a backup in CM and CMM.
  • Perform System Platform backups.
  • Restore a backup in System Platform.
  • Identify the Communication Manager Messaging (CMM) internal architectureand its co-existence with Communication Manager (CM) in the CM Server
  • Setup Desktop Messaging.
  • Access Communication Manager Messaging (CMM) and enable it.
  • Create a privileged login account and an unprivileged login account.
  • Create a subscriber and assign permissions to a subscriber.
  • Configure basic administration parameters.
  • Create an Automated Attendant.
  • Record a Broadcast Message.
  • Configure the Enhanced List Application (ELA).
  • Create and configure a customized announcement set.
  • Configure Fax Messaging.
  • Identify the performance reports that are
  • available to monitor system performance.
  • Analyse impacts of toll fraud and prevent
  • unauthorized use of the messaging system and mailboxes.
  • Perform a System Backup and Restore.
  • Install CMM software updates.
  • Analyse CMM alarms and events.
  • Diagnose voice equipment issues.
  • The most common issues in CMM systems and their resolution.

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