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Price: USD 286
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Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.
  • Duration / Course length: Upto 45 Hours
  • Timings: Enquire

    Course details

    • User Interface
    • Creating Drawings
    • Manipulating Objects
    • Drawing Organization and Inquiry Commands
    • Altering Objects Module
    • Working with Layouts
    • Annotations
    • Dimensioning
    • Hatching Objects
    • Working with Reusable Content
    • Creating Additional Drawing Objects
    • Create Template Content
    • Insert and Manage External References
    • Isolate or Hide Displayed Objects
    • Layouts and Visibility Module 16: Printing and Plotting.
    • Creating a 3D workspace(s)
    • User Coordinate Systems (UCS)
    • 3D editing & manipulation
    • Flattening 3D to 2D
    • Using visual styles
    • Photo-Real Rendering
    • Viewing in 3D - Isometric, Axonometric & Perspective
    • More complex Solids - extrude, loft, revolve, sweep etc.
    • Display Modes (Visual Styles, Transparency, Edge Effects)
    • Creating Basic Solid Primitives
    • Creating solids by thickening
    • Using Viewports in 3D
    • Lighting and Materials
    • Cameras
    • Animations
    Updated on 24 August, 2020

    Eligibility / Requirements

    Knowledge on operating system is mandatory if you want to succeed in this training. You must know how to start an app, create and save files, copy to CDs and other ;

    About Al Mihad Training Centre

    Al Mihad is a leading training company offering professional and corporate training in MENA for the last 17 years. Having its focus on financial training, AMT is rapidly growing in trainings areas related to Strategy & Innovation, Human Resource, Sales & Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Financial Modelling & Excel, customized banking programs and in-house trainings program related to CMA, CIA, CIMA, Diploma & Certificate in IFRS for corporate clients.

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