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 Introduction to CAD  Introduction to Engineering Drawings o Projections (First & Third angle) o Views (Orthographic, Isometric )  Introduction to AutoCAD o History o Exploring GUI o Workspaces  Co-ordinate systems  Drawing Setting - Units, Limits.  Status Tool - Snap,Grid,Polar,Ortho,Otrack,Osnap,Lwt,Qp,Dyn
Session 2 & 3 4,5
 Standard Tool o New, Qnew, Open, Save, Save as, Close, Exit, Quit, Calculator, o Properties, Pan,Zoom  Draw Tool o Drawing simple sketches using Line, Circle, Arc, Ellipse, Polygon, Rectangle, Xline , Polyline, Revision cloud. o Point, Hatch, Text, Table, Region.  Object Selection Methods o Select, Simple &Crossing Window,Simple &Crossing Polygon o Fence, Qselect  Modify Tool o Editing commands - Erase, Oops, Undo, Redo, Move, Copy, Rotate, Array, Mirror, Align, Trim, Extend , Fillet, Chamfer, Scale, Stretch, Offset, Break, Xplode, Blend Curve. Session 6
 Style Tool o Annotations - Text Style, Dimension Style, Table Style Multileader Style  Property Tool o Object Properties - Color, Linetype, Line weight,
Session 7
 Dimension Tool  Dimension - Linear, Aligned, Radius, Diameter, Center Mark, Angle, Arc length, Continuous, Baseline, Tolerance, Dimension Space, Dimension Break, Inspection, Jogged radius, Ordinate dimensions. Leader,
Session 8
 Layer Management o Adding / Removing Layers o Layer Status o New Property Filter o New Group Filter o Layer Status Manager o Plot Control
Session9, 10
 Productivity Tool  Block, Wblock, Insert,  Defining &Editing attributes -Attdef, Attedit,Eattedit, Attdisp, Batman,Att Extraction, Group ,  Divide, Measure,Mslide, Vslide,Script,Slide Library  External Reference  Design Center , Tool Palettes  OLE concepts ,Etransmit, Publish to Web.  Hyperlink,Copy, Copybase, Copylink, Pasteclip, Pastespecial, Pasteblock, Pasteoriginal  Drawing Templates  Inquiry Information  Id, Dist, List, Radius, Angle, Area, Volume, Lengthen
Session 11
 Layout Management,  Plotting & Printing of Drawing  Define Plotter  Colour &Name Dependent Plot Style  Import & Export of File  AutoCAD Customization  Project Updated on 09 October, 2017

Eligibility / Requirements

Any individual can do this course 

About CADD Mastre Training Services

CADD MASTRE is a Central India's leading CAD/CAM/CAE/CFD/PPM Training Company, committed to building a skilled manpower pool for Regional & global industry requirements. The company which was set up in 2007, to help the Manufacturing & Construction industry overcome its human resource challenges, offering learning solutions to Individuals, Enterprises and Engineering and Polytechnic Institutions in India.
CADD MASTRE Offering services for Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Architecture and Interior Streams for Training, Projects & Placements, CADD MASTRE's expertise in learning, content development, training delivery and education process management make it the most preferred training partner,
CADD Mastre Join Hands With World Leader in CAD, CAE & PPM for Training and Software Sales, Our Franchise Module Also helps the Individuals to become a Part of promising CAD/CAM/CAE/CFD/PPM education in India and oversees Today, more and more students are opting to upgrade their skills and CADD MASTRE has emerged as their preferred destination for quality education.

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