• Duplicating the Model
  • Converting 2D Objects
  • Basic Mesh Modeling
  • Section a Solid Model and Generating 2D Geometry
  • Creating Drawings from 3D Models
  • Using Visual Styles
  • Using Lights
  • Using Materials
  • Using the Sun
  • Rendering
  • Navigating the Model
  • Exploiting Cameras and Views
  • 3D PrintingCreating Solid Primitives
  • Mesh Primitives
  • Introduction to Free-Form Design
  • Creating Models form 2D Profiles
  • Using Booleans on Solid Models
  • Creating Composite Models
  • Extracting Geometry from Solid Models
  • Getting Information from 3D Objects
  • Adding Detail to Your Solid Models
  • Editing Solid Models
  • Manipulating the Model

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