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The Master of Audiovisual Translation focuses on the translation of audio, visual, or audiovisual material. This includes the dubbing and subtitling of movies, television shows, and other videos. The program also teaches students about subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing, audio-description for the blind and partially sighted, and the process of adapting websites, software, and video games to the needs of different language communities. So if you are interested in a career translating in any of these areas, MAAT is the program for you.

Program Objectives

  • The MAAT program aims to:
  • Offer students an advanced understanding of contemporary theory and practice in audiovisual translation studies.
  • Provide specialist training in various modes of audiovisual translation, including interlingual subtitling, dubbing, voice-over and other accessible modes.
  • Enable students to develop a broad range of vocational and transferable skills including information gathering, resourcefulness and time management, analytical thinking, problem solving, the critical appreciation of source materials, and the ability to construct, as well as sustain and present a logical argument on the basis of such materials.
  • Provide students with the necessary technical knowledge and skills to work in traditional translation environments as well as in the more specialized area of audiovisual translation.
  • Equip students for further study and research in the field of audiovisual translation studies.

Sample Courses

  • Approaches to Audiovisual Translation
  • Introduction to Subtitling
  • Research Methods in Audiovisual Translation
  • Critical Reading and Writing Skills
  • Writing Craft for Translators
  • Media Translation
  • Advanced Dubbing
  • Voice-over
  • Accessible Audiovisual Translation
  • Software and Website Localization

Career Opportunities for MAAT Graduates

The flourishing field of audiovisual translation opens itself to fundamental and applied research in a wide range of domains. Taking the audiovisual text as its focal point, research can address technical and technological issues, linguistic and/or cultural and ideological issues. In audiovisual translation, socially oriented scholars will find ample space for applied research with an impact in domains such as television, the arts, cultural and educational contexts.

The practical approach taken in the MAAT also prepares students for the professional context of subtitling and dubbing. The skills acquired will allow them to work as audiovisual translators at the national and international levels for the media, culture, tourism, education or any other sector where linguistic and cultural mediation is bound to multimedia contexts. Graduates could also pursue careers in teaching or opt for advanced research at PhD level.

About Translation & Interpreting Institute (Hamad Bin Kahlifa University)

We_They (TII) was established with a mission to build translation capacity in Qatar and the region. It is a physical and virtual space that delivers sophisticated translator and interpreter education, high-level training in a range of languages, and quality translation and interpreting services of the highest international standards. TII also provides a platform for conducting cutting-edge research in the field, and is committed to fostering an environment that is supportive of cultural exchange and scholarly excellence.

Led by a distinguished international team of faculty and staff, TII consists of a Postgraduate Studies Department, a Research Center, a Language Center, and a Professional Services Center. It organizes a wide range of international and local events throughout the year, many of which are open to the public.

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