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Leadership in modern organisational contexts is a matter of having the right knowledge, skills and mindset. This course is designed to develop all the key aspects and dimensions of advanced modern leadership in a diverse and globalised world. The training combines ideas and theory with practical tasks and application and allows participants the freedom and control to personalise their training and consider how it can be applied to their own context.

Trainer: BEN DOBBS (ILM Level-7 Certified Trainer)

Earn formal CPD Points!

Target Audience: Anyone requiring developmental of their leadership competences at high organisational levels.

Key Learning Outcomes:  The Competences to build relationships as a leader for better results  Understanding how to organise people and tasks, delegate effectively  Knowing and being able to handle key cultural, contextual and personal differences within teams, groups and organisations  Being able to lead authentically, Institute a vision, manage change & organisational culture.  Adjusting your Leadership Style to achieve support, handle ambiguous situations & to manage developmental interventions such as coaching and mentoring.  Reflecting, taking on feedback and producing a personalised action plan for leadership development.  Being an Authentic leader.


Career Path

Upon Completion of this Course Participants will be able to understand leadership concepts and techniques with Official 12 CPD hrs.

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