Aptech Computer Training Architecture REVIT Aptech Computer Training
Price: AED 1,000
  • Timings: Full Time, Flexible options
  • Accrediting body: AUTODESK

Course details

This course cmoes with a ministry approved certificate.
The objective of the Revit course is to enable students to create full 3D architectural project models and set them up in working drawings. Course is focused on Design Development tools - building the 3D model with walls, windows, doors, floors, roofs, stairs, creating reflected ceiling plans and furniture plans.
In addition, the course introduces students to the concepts of Building Information Modeling and the tools for parametric building design and documentation.
  • User Interface: exploration of the streamlined user favorite tools and commands faster; locate lesser- used tools more efficiently.
  • Conceptual Design: Producing mass models using the free- form modeling interface, massing geometry and element associatively. Use the massing tools to convert object massing to components elements.
  • Design Development: Create detail drawings directly in the model using 2D and 3D drafting and parametric detailing tools.
  • Construction Documentation: Create temporary and permanent dimensions, text and text styles, fill patterns, tags, arrowheads and symbols. Learn to create and modify
  • schedules and to configure office standards for line styles and line weights to comply with other CAD standards.
  • Exporting and Publishing: Extended Compatibility with AutoCAD, Civil 3D and Inventor: including well as output to DXF, DGN and PDF file formats .ADSK & .ADPX Civil Design Exchange and Package files.
  • Importing Vector and Raster Data
  • Linking Projects: Acquiring, Publishing and Reporting Shared Coordinates
  • Creating and Modifying Toposurfaces
  • Creating Phases, Phase Filters and Graphic Overrides
  • Best practices for creating and modifying Design Options
  • Producing mass models using the free-form modeling interface, massing geometry and element associatively.
  • Use the massing tools to convert object massing to components elements; Floors, Walls Roofs, Curtain Walls from Face
  • New Features: Free Form Creation, Drawing Forms, Reference Points, Divide and Pattern Surfaces IFC and OBDC Database
  • Running Interference Checks
  • Creating and using In-Place families
  • Creating and Modifying Parametric Families
  • Creating Nested Families
  • Implementation
  • Optimization
  • Best Practices
  • Copy/Monitor Features
  • Best Practices for sharing data across disciplines

Eligibility / Requirements

Knowledge of AutoCAD,Students,Professionals,Draftsman,Project Engineers,Project Managers

Job roles this course is suitable / will prepare you for

Arch Drafter / Designer Tech 3 , MEP Draft Man , Project Manager (site based)

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Jurassic Institute of Management and Technology is a Learning Solutions Company playing a key role in helping individuals, organizations and nations adapt to the changing requirements of a knowledge-driven world. Jurassic commenced its IT and NON IT Education & Training business in 1993 in UAE. Jurassic is the franchisees of the brand Aptech Computer Education, Arena Multimedia and English Express in UAE. Aptech Computer Education, a division of Aptech Limited has over 3,256 training centers in 56 countries. Arena Multimedia - Global Multimedia Education, leading the way in Multimedia Training has trained  over 4,00,000 students.

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