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Arabic course for Diplomats is designed to fulfill the Diplomats individual needs. It is important to develop the Arabic language skills required by diplomats in order to gain the confidence in everyday process of their office and also to improve their language to gain international relations.

Program highlights:

-Public speaking skills
-Formal and informal communication techniques
-Analysis of written and oral media releases.
-Focus on specialized terminology such as language about mediation and negotiation.
-Understanding linguistic nuances and culturally sensitive environment and strengthening critical thinking skills as the problem solving and the negotiation 
-This program is one to one and valid throughout the year with a prior reservation.

FREE registration, placement test, certificate, shuttle from airport to accommodation only, Wi-Fi at our school and accommodation. Updated on 18 November, 2018

About Arabeya Language School

Our philosophy is expressed in our commitment to, and emphasis of, small groups - the smaller the number of students, the more attention each student receives. This pedagogical belief is one in which we believe strongly and which is reflected in our programs. Though one- or two-student classes are ideal, we nevertheless encourage groups of no more than four students. This classroom situation benefits the quality of education from two sides: the student participates more in the reading, writing, speaking, and listening aspects of language and the educator becomes better able to identify the student’s strengths and liabilities so that he or she can construct lessons effectively and productively.  aller the number of students, the more attention each student receives.

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