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"I have been in Kuwait for more than 15 years now, but it's disgraceful for me to say that I am not confident of speaking even a single statement in Arabic fluently", says an expatriate. This is the situation of majority of the Non-Arab expatriates in Kuwait. Arabic is one of the most popular and powerful languages spoken by nearly 300 million people. There for knowing it can open up a host of potential career & business opportunities and other benefits. Proficiency in Arabic is a path to a wide range of professional opportunities. Arabic speakers are in great demand even among international organizations.

Though Arabic is certainly a challenging and unconventional language to learn, the cultural and professional benefits it offers are unsurpassed. Arabic is spoken throughout much of the Middle East and North Africa. Arabic is also an official language of many international organizations, including the United Nations.

CAMS is a wonderful place to learn Arabic Language, as it has been doing it for the last two decades. Its teachers are native Arabic speakers who are fluent in English and are well experienced in teaching. It uses proven methodology & courseware for training. CAMS has the experience of teaching more than 20,000 students. 

This unique Arabic training program is designed to help participant enjoy the benefit of learning the language in a comprehensive way. The program focuses on all aspects of the language such as alphabets, vocabulary building, pronunciation, writing skills, reading skills and conversation skills.

For the convenience of working people classes are held during the weekdays in the evenings or on weekends. This program has multiple levels according to the level of competency of the participants. Each level has approximately 32 hours duration. At the end of each level there will be evaluation and certificates will be given to successful participants.

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We_They is a dynamic, responsive; community based educational institution committed to excellence. We_They is a gateway offering access and opportunity for persons of all ages and backgrounds to pursue learning. The institution enables and empowers all persons to fulfill their aspirations to the maximum of their capabilities.

We_They is a comprehensive, community institute provides personal and economic growth through life-long learning, personal enrichment, and community development activities. We_They is a learning-centered environment, committed to opportunity with excellence, opportunity with accessibility, and opportunity with appropriate support, to enable success.

We_They is a not-for-profit organization, socially committed and responsible to change the lives of people by delivering quality training and skill development programs. It often organizes subsidized and complimentary training programs for the benefit of under-privileged strata of the community.

We_They has established in the year 2002 with the aim to provide high quality IT, Management and Language training to the local and expatriate community in Kuwait at an affordable cost. Since its inception, thousands of students have successfully completed various career oriented courses, which helped many of them gain a better means of living.

The corporate training pision of We_They has established with the aim to develop and deliver high-quality people skill development solutions to the corporate houses and government and non-government entities in Kuwait. We_They has established tie-up with renowned training providers from various countries to ensure that the clients get the value they deserve.

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