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Appraisal skills are a formal two-way discussion between an individual employee and his/her manager, in order to review and recognise performance over the past year and motivate and assist him/her to achieve higher performance in the future.

Conducting an effective appraisal means that the manager is measuring the performance of his/her team and managing their contribution and impact on their team/organisation.


  • Create a real commitment to a two way appraisal process
  • Practice giving and receiving effective feedback
  • Develop competence and confidence in conducting an appraisal meeting and overcoming any potential challenges

Explore your training goals:

  • Encourage Team Work and Unity
  • Set your company apart from the competition
  • Developing emerging managers
  • Increase individual performance
  • Stregthen your frontline
  • Improve relationship management
  • Manage projects more effectively
  • Foster a healthy culture
  • Support nationalisation programs


  • Our people only care about your people.
  • Our approach:  Our training is fun anf our results are serious
  • Our clients;  The best companies in the Middle East look to us to develop their people and shape future performance.
  • Our partners:  We have long standing partnerships with some of the worlds most leading training and content creaters.
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