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This is the introductory awareness program in which participants will be introduced to the definition and concept of anti-money laundering (AML) and financing terrorism (FT), the various stages of AML, and the legal and regulatory requirements and initiatives by the international, regional and local communities against ML/FT.

Participants will be exposed to the predicate crimes that bring about ML while discussions on other financial products and services vulnerable to criminal abuses such as documentary fraud, tested telex fraud and other financial crimes will occur. Special emphasis will be placed on the financial action task force (FATF) recommendations, forty and the special nine, which are the principal sources of AML legislation as well as ML preventive measures unveiled.


Upon the completion of this course, the participant will have:

  • A thorough understanding of what money laundering and financing terrorism is
  • Knowledge on the legal, regulatory and operational framework relating to anti-money laundering policies
  • Known the sequences, trends and stages involved in AML Operations
  • Clearly understood the CDD/KYC standards and requirements
  • Been equipped with the techniques to identify suspicious transactions and how to make reports (STR)
  • Knowledge of the preventive measures for the protection of businesses and the general economy against the menaces of ML

Target Audience

All employees of the financial and related industry, who have not participated in any related AML/Compliance Session; Newly employed personnel before handling any related responsibility

Program Contents

  • Module 1: The need for today’s AML program in organizations. Know the purpose/objective of AML (anti-money laundering):
  • Module 2: Prevention of Money Laundering
  • Module 3: Initiatives to prevent Money Laundering
  • Module 4: Guidelines for Anti-money Laundering
  • Module 5: Risk management/risk assessment environment
  • Module 6: AML and your organization
  • Module 7: Your organization’s customers, products, services:
  • Module 8: Industries, organizations affected by AML
  • Module 9: Impact and ramifications on your organization’s business operations.
  • Module 10: Usefulness for your organization:
  • Module 11: Developing and understanding robust and effective AML framework and structure in your organization: Role of companies/ financial institutions to prevent money laundering

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