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Updated on 29 October, 2017
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    From time to time we get angry. We can be offended by people's words, behaviour or attitude and feel anger and resentment. The way we react to the feeling of anger, how we control our emotions and our communications skills are essential in managing our angry and frustrated emotions. Those people who can control their emotions and express themselves in a controlled way stand to preserve their relationship with others or to build new ones more easily. In contrast, those who have a temper can explode at the drop of a hat and have significant difficulties to communicate with others. People keep their distance from such individuals and this in itself leads them to become more isolated and angry.

    The majority of difficulties in anger control come from the lack of emotional skills and not knowing how to respond to challenges and confrontations. The solution is not to stop getting angry, but to learn how to control the response and use assertive communication.

    This course aims to provide several established techniques that are suitable for different kinds of delegates. The course can be offered to people who need to learn how to control their temper when they find themselves challenged or in conflicts. It is also useful for people who might suffer from repetitive expressions of anger who can systematically address their behaviour using the techniques provided in this course.

    This course takes advantage of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and provides valuable techniques to manage self-talkand help people understand the root cause of anger.

    The course is provided in 8 distinct sessions that can be easily delivered across multiple days if necessary (guidelines are provided in the course notes). This way, techniques thought in the course can be applied to real world scenarios and the tutor can provide feedback in the next session based on delegates' experiences and their use of these techniques. Each session contains theory as well as specific and tailored exercises that help the delegates practice what they just learned.

    In this highly practical course delegates will learn:

    Definition of Anger

    • Why do we become angry?
    • Is anger good?
    •  How does anger affect your emotions?
    •  What are the anger myths?

    Aggression Cude

    •  What is the sequence of events leading to aggression or temper?
    •  How can you take advantage of this sequence to deescalate your anger?
    •  What are anger cues and how can you respond to them?

    Controlling Hnoer

    •  How can you stop getting angry?
    •  What techniques can you use to increase the effectiveness of your communication with others?
    •  What kinds of mental and physical techniques can help you to manage your temper or escalating emotional levels?

    Assertive Communication

    •  What is assertiveness?
    •  How to present your view systematically and assertively?
    •  How does assertiveness differ from aggressive or passive behaviour?
    •  How can assertive communication help you to control your emotional balance?
    •  How can you appeal to emotions to deliver your true meaning and get results?

    Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

    •  How can Cognitive Behaviour Therapy |CBT) help you manage your anger?
    •  How can you prevent self-defeatism and irrational self-talk?
    •  What are the fundamental beliefs that can help you to strengthen your relationships with others?

    Responding to Conflicts

    •  How can you handle emotional conflicts?
    •  How to use a simple formula to quickly respond to potentially annoying situations without offending or feeling overtly emotional about the conflict?

    Managing Confrontations

    •  How to use a powerful 5-step technique to handle confrontations and respond to events to get best results?
    •  How to hold your emotional balance and show that you are in control when confronted with others?

    Rpoloaisinq & Forgiveness

    •  How to deliver an apology to get maximum benefit and significantly reduce the likelihood of emotional confrontations?
    •  How to use forgiveness to feel better about yourself and defuse charged situations?
    •  How apology and forgiveness impact your self-talk?

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