AML/CFT Workshops for Legal System Officials (AMLL) IMF Institute
  • Locations: Salmiya
  • Duration: 1 Week

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Target Audience:

May be targeted at financial sector supervisors, financial intelligence unit (FIU) officials, criminal justice officials, or some other specific group.


Attendance is by invitation only. Prerequisites are specified in invitation let

Course Description:

This one-week course, presented by the IMF's Legal Department, aim to enhance and strengthen the capacities of various groups of officials engaged in anti-money-laundering (AML) and combating the financing of terrorism (CFT). The workshops for financial sector supervisors aim to focus on risk-based supervisory measures and procedures needed for on-site bank inspections to review the level of compliance with laws and regulations with respect to customer identification and due diligence; transaction monitoring and recordkeeping; and identification and reporting of unusual/suspicious transactions. They also examine and demonstrate the types of measures that should be applied in assessing the adequacy of AML/CFT risk management controls in insurance and securities firms. The workshops for criminal justice officials cover issues related to criminal prosecutions of money laundering and financing of terrorism; seizing and freezing powers and other provisional measures concerning criminal proceeds and assets linked to terrorism, forfeiture of criminal proceeds, and terrorist finance instruments; international cooperation, including mutual assistance; money laundering and terrorist finance typologies; and techniques used for successful AML/CFT cases. The workshops for FIU officials provide training on the analysis of financial information and on how to generate intelligence from the financial and other information they analyze in order to put together cases for successful prosecution.

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About IMF Institute

The IMF Institute for Capacity Development (ICD) organizes courses for officials from Arab League member countries at the CEF in Kuwait. The CEF's activities are generously sponsored and funded by the Government of Kuwait. The primary purpose of the CEF is to strengthen the skills of officials from Arab League countries in economic analysis and diagnosis, and in formulating and implementing effective economic and financial policies. The IMF will be the principal training provider for the CEF in the area macroeconomic management. Training outside the core areas of expertise of the IMF will be delivered by other organizations, such as, the World Bank, WTO, and OECD. Furthermore, and in line with the CEF's objective to collaborate closely with regional institutions, the CEF started recently to conduct some joint training courses with the Arab Monetary Fund in Abu Dhabi. Courses are offered generally in Arabic or in English with interpretation into Arabic.

Selection Process: 

Courses are by invitation only. Candidates are nominated by government agencies upon the request of the CEF.Observer Policy: The Institute for Capacity Development's policy for participation by IMF local staff and officials from non-program advanced economies in our regional training centers is that they will be given "Observer" status since these centers are run with the assistance of donor financing. Attending as an Observer provides the same access to course content and activities, but all associated costs (accommodation, travel and per diem) need to be covered by the sponsoring institution.

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