EG SKY Travel & Tourism Training Center Amadeus Responsible Ticketing Agent Diploma EG SKY Travel & Tourism Training Center
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Course Contents:

  1. Travel & Tourism Business Environment
  2. What means by Responsible Ticketing Agent? 
  3. CRSs vis-à-vis GDSs
  4. New Destrbution channels
  5. Geography in Air Travel
6 - Amadeus GDS Basic Tasks

  • Task 1: Building all type of Passenger(s) Reservation.
  • Task 2: Ticket(s) Issuance
  • Task 3: Void Ticket(s)
7 - Amadeus GDS Advanced Tasks

  • Task 1: Refund Ticket(s)
  • Task 2: Revalidating Ticket(s)
  • Task 3: Reissuing Ticket(s) 
  • Task 4: Reviewing Queues 
  • Task 5: Reviewing Sales Reports.
8- Amadeus Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD)

  • Task 1: Selling Associated Ancillary Services for a Flight(s)
  • Task 2: Selling Stand-Alone Services. 

9 - Customer Service For Sales Agent
10 - Applications of Responsibility as a Professional Ticketing Agent 
11 - Selling Skills 
12 - Exceptional Cases at Work followed by Final Exam.

Updated on 25 September, 2018

Job roles this course is suitable for:

Ticketing Agent , Travel Consultant

About EG SKY Travel & Tourism Training Center

EGSKY Training Center is a specialized Travel & Tourism training center founded in July 2011.

EGSKY is a unique contact point between professionals, instructors, students and industry leaders in Egypt. It based in Alexandria, Egypt. Its main goal is to qualifying the new generations to working within Travel & Tourism industry which need many of professionals in our region. EG SKY describe itself as the only travel & Tourism Training Center which has all staff that have International Air Transport Association Graduations in it`s different levels what grantee for more professionalism in each of training processes. EG SKY always trying to co-operate with other travel suppliers to enhancing the conceptual surrounding Responsible Travel & Tourism and Corporate Social Responsibility projects.

EGSKY Travel & Tourism Training Center is an Accredited and Contracted training center for many global distribution system companies such as Amadeus IT Group, Sabre Travel NETWORK, and TravelPort.

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