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Today z/OS supports new workloads running as e-business servers, including the IBM Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Server and WebSphere. These workloads exploit the latest features of the z/OS runtime environments, including Parallel Sysplex, Workload Manager (WLM) and UNIX System Services (USS). New hardware technology such as zAAP and zIIP processors can be exploited for selected workloads, and the WLM Intelligent Resource Director balances workloads across clustered LPARs in a sysplex. Examine the performance management and monitoring components of the Parallel Sysplex, USS and WLM environment, using extensive Resource Management Facility (RMF) reports and console displays to understand what is happening in the system. Based on this foundation, analyze case studies involving the HTTP Server in detail. Finish with an introduction to performance and tuning with WebSphere V6 for z/OS.


  • Describe the advanced performance components of current complex z/OS environment and identify the major performance factors for these components
  • Identify Coupling Facility (CF) technologies and how they function in a Parallel Sysplex, including CF links and CF structures
  • Monitor and analyze the service times and other performance indicators of the CF and other Parallel Sysplex components, including Cross-system Coupling Facility (XCF)
  • Predict and monitor effects of system managed CF duolexing on system performance
  • Identify WLM services and their use by z/OS applications, including enclave services, routing services, and application environments
  • Evaluate RMF enclave reports and understand enclave resource accounting
  • Implement and control WLM optional features such as Intelligent Resource Director (IRD) and WLM defined capacity, and monitor LPAR performance when optimized by these features
  • Describe the new functionality introduced by zAAP and zllP specialty processors on z/OS systems and use appropriate tools to control and monitor specialty CP workload performance
  • Monitor and control the USS program environment using RMF reports and System Management Facility (SMF) data along with USS console commands and displays
  • Tune USS resource usage, shell performance and file system performance for Hierarchical File System (HFS) and zFS
  • Configure WLM's management of the USS environment, including BPXAS and classification of USS workloads
  • Set up WLM management of the HTTP Server and classify a Web workload in standalone mode
  • Evaluate the performance implications of different network front-end options that can control access to z/OS web applications hosted in WebSphere
  • Describe a WebSphere Version 6 runtime on z/OS. and identify the basic steps for the performance tuning of this environment
  • Describe the distributed monitoring functionality for WebSphere
  • Evaluate the use of Enterprise Workload Manager (EWLM) as an end-to-end workload management tool
  • provided by IBM Tivoli Composite Application Management

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