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1. What is selling: selling is the process of persuading a person that your products or services are of     greater value to him than the price you are asking for it selling is an exchange of values 

2. Why People Buy: to solve a need or to improve .

3 The psychology of selling: selling is more psychological more than anything else the winning edge concept a salesman ethics contributes more to the sales that do techniques or strategies .

4. Attitude vs. Aptitude: 80 of your success as a salesperson will be determined by your attitude and only 20 by your aptitude (product knowledge) 

5. Categories of Customers: the decided, the undecided, the browser 

6. Sell More: How to be First with Motivated Buyers : Sales success starts with three simple things: A product buyers want Credibility Timing 

7. Becoming the buyer’s favourite : A buyer’s favourite is the person the buyer knows, likes, trusts and most importantly wants to see succeed .

8. Getting more referrals : The best way to increase your close ratio is to get referred to a potential buyer because you start off with much greater credibility in the eyes of the potential buyer the credibility of the person who referred you 

9. Buyers personality traits: Any experienced salesperson knows that customers personalities vary widely, and that sales success often depends on tailoring a presentation to take advantage of certain personality traits. 

10. What makes our sales volume: sales is always = no of visits or traffic x of closing x average transaction value 

11. Cold calling ( getting the appointment on the phone): get the information first

12. The seven steps system of selling: 

  • the approach : to gain rapport
  • the interview : to identify wants and needs
  • demonstration: to explain features and benefits that would comply to the needs
  • validation : to prove your claims
  • negotiation: to sort out problems
  • handling objections: handle different objections (Delivery After Sales Service Price Free Goods Payment terms)
  • closing: to ask for a decision

13. Difference between listening and understanding: Trying hard to understand what is said, is different from hearing what is said 

14. The little difference that makes a big difference: People who are new to selling always ask about the CLOSE as if it was some mysterious act or a gift that some people have and others do not. It is in fact just a logical culmination of all sales presentations

15. The sales presentation: The verbal sales presentation is the real test of your ability to use all the different skills you have acquired throughout this training

16. Revising your presentation: Your best tool for improving your selling skills is self assessment after each sales presentation

17. Follow up checklist: What did I agree with the customer? Who was to do it? When is it to be done? Why is it to be done? How is it to be done? What do you want to achieve on your next call?

18. Presenting your proposal: The length of the proposal should not be too long. You might attach separately technical information avoid faxing or emailing your proposal

19. Follow up with the after sales service: Successful salespeople know that when a prospect says yes to a proposal, the sale has just begun 

20. Main issues that require follow up: 

  • Your prospect has delayed a decision and wants you to call back . 
  • Your prospect has said no to your offer but you want to follow up for future business. 
  • Your prospect said yes and you want to ensure that the order is completed to their satisfaction

Above workshop will necessitate 3 full days with role playing sessions. In these role playing sessions, the trainees will be placed under different sales calls scenarios.

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