• Price AED 2,995
  • Duration Full-time or Part-time
  • Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sales are one of the most rooted and refined skills in history – and essential in most human activities.

Every human interaction is built upon a certain degree of salesmanship; which begins with the ability to build rapport and trust. Sales are also the bottom line of every economic venture, and the only possible condition under which a company or an organization can grow and prosper.

Some things to consider:
• How are sales performed by your business?
• How often are your sales targets hit?
• How is motivation built and measured amongst your sales team?
• When a client comes in contact with your business, does he feel understood and taken care?

Answering these question might lead you to the conclusion that SALES TRAINING is needed! Training is the winning factor of each and every performance based job: the best athletes receive the best training and so should the members of your sales team.

SELLING SKILLS EMPOWERMENT is a training course specifically designed to create and build SALES CHAMPIONS.

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