Advanced Negotiation Skills

Updated on 08 November, 2015
Price: AED 4,300
  • Locations: Dubai
  • Duration: 2 Days

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Advanced Negotiation Skills examines ways to enhance your negotiation outcomes, and reviews the latest ideas and techniques in negotiation. By focusing on the value of the deal, and examining the different issues that interfere with successful outcomes, you will be able to ensure greater success and longer lasting relationships from your deals. Key issues covered include the importance of excellent planning, how to set your own objectives, knowing when to 'walk away', and learning the key tactics employed by top negotiators.

Course Objectives:

  • To learn how to effectively plan a negotiation
  • To understand the critical role of the B.A.T.N.A. and the Z.O.P.A.
  • To explore techniques for overcoming deadlock
  • To learn how to deal with difficult people
  • To learn the tactics employed by top negotiators
  • To understand how to deal with dirty tricks

Course Overview:

This two-day programme uses experiential role play exercises to emphasise the key themes. After each exercise there is a detailed debriefing and Trainer input, before moving on to the next exercise. Each delegate undergoes continuous improvement through this interactive programme. They will receive feedback from those they have negotiated with, and from observations made by the Trainer. This format works exceptionally well, and participants find it an enjoyable & challenging environment in which to develop and enhance their negotiating skills.

Day One

  • The Basic Skills Of Negotiation
  • What Is 'Advanced Negotiation'?
  • The Five Outcomes Of Negotiation
  • Negotiating Styles
  • The Climate For Negotiations
  • Planning To Perfection
  • The Elements Of A Negotiation Plan
  • How To Identify The Key Goals
  • Can You Identify The B.A.T.N.A. (Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement)?
  • B.A.T.N.A. 'Rules' In Negotiation

Day Two

  • The Role Of The Z.O.P.A. (Zone Of Potential Agreement)
  • How To Expand The Z.O.P.A.
  • Deadlock & How To Overcome It
  • Your Style In Conflict Situations
  • Rights, Power & Interest In Your Negotiations
  • Dealing With Difficult People
  • Some Tactics Of Top Negotiators
  • Dirty Tricks & How To Handle Them

Benefits of the programme:

  • The opportunity to improve your planning and objective setting
  • The ability to better assess the other party's needs and try to obtain 'Win:Win' outcomes
  • An understanding of why deadlock occurs, and how to get around it.
  • The opportunity to practise, using the tools provided, in realistic negotiation exercises that will help you understand their effectiveness
  • A development plan that identifies future objectives for you to improve your negotiation outcomes

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Spearhead Gulf's first regional Middle East office opened in Dubai at the end of 1997. Since then the company has established a strong reputation for delivering training of the highest quality, comparable to, and (because of local market knowledge and local case studies) often exceeding, that found anywhere in Europe, the U.S.A., and the rest of the world.

In January 2001, as part of its expansion programme, the company opened an office in Abu Dhabi. This office has expanded rapidly and become the training provider of choice for a number of companies in the U.A.E. capital.

In September 2001, the company entered the Qatari market and has expanded its operations there year by year, with many leading Qatari companies using Spearhead's services. In 2007 the company opened a larger office in Qatar, and now offers public courses in Doha.

In June 2002 the company opened an Arabic section, to deliver courses to the Arabic speaking market. The courses are both translated versions of our existing programmes, and specially designed courses available only in Arabic.

Spearhead has the capability to deliver courses in English, in English with Arabic facilitation, and in Arabic.

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