This advanced leadership course in Qatar develops ability to lead through change, manage people and increase productivity. At its core is a practical, hands-on exercise which allows taught skills to be implemented and refined.]

we help your established leaders in Qatar to build on their existing skills and learn the art of developing people so that they excel. This course builds on our 'Leadership Fundamentals' course, with the same powerful combination of theory and practical exercises in a safe, learning environment.

How Does it Work?

Using the tried and tested framework of teaching and hands-on practice, we turn up the pressure to simulate the demands and challenges faced by senior managers. Throughout the three days, participants are involved in a complex exercise that enables them to develop an effective style of leadership, particularly in the area of change and people management. As in the 'Leadership Fundamentals' course, our trainers facilitate reviews, coaching and an action plan at the end.

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for established leaders and managers in Qatar who have had solid experience of leading people and teams in the business workplace.

It is an intense experience, and the final exercise should not be underestimated. Participants should allow themselves some time afterwards to reflect on the learning and recover!

Red Rock International is a global people development company that designs and delivers experiential training ctheirses in leadership and team building, as theyll as large scale challenge events, for businesses. their instructors are their secret theyapon, blending knowledge of corporate training requirements with a passion for experiential learning. The result is enjoyable and memorable ctheirses that link theory with practice which improves performance back at work. they operate according to the highest international standards of health and safety. their ctheirses are designed in Great Britain and delivered across the globe by international teams with local knowledge.

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