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You are a competent instructor with strong skills, and now you’re looking for more! Take your technique to the next level of facilitation. Develop your awareness and skills in managing the learning environment and facilitating learner-centered activities. Refine your questioning techniques, building on your current experience with interactive presentations. Gain insight into group dynamics and identify your preferred instructional style. Get plenty of hands-on practice facilitating a session on a training-related topic, and increase the group’s knowledge on a particular topic.

During the course you will consider how to:

  • Get your training off to a positive start each and every time
  • Be proactive in managing group dynamics
  • Use credibility to your advantage
  • Adapt your learning style to improve training outcomes
  • Give instructions that everyone can follow
  • Add interest by using a variety of methods to gather group input and debrief activities
  • Take actions that will increase the likelihood of your learners applying their new skills and knowledge back on the job
  • Share both successes and challenges with other experienced instructors

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Create a positive climate and facilitate input from trainees
  • Establish and maintain instructor credibility
  • Adapt questioning techniques in order to affect group dynamics and increase the involvement of all trainees
  • Facilitate activities through time management, appropriate energizers, improve questioning skills and techniques, and other techniques for effective activities
  • Identify their preferred instructional style and to adapt it according to classroom needs
  • Describe group development, maintain a learning climate, gather information, and review a group dynamics model
  • Identify types of verbal behavior and to respond appropriately to them
  • Understand how to positively promote training transfer
  • Handle a variety of difficult situations in the classroom
  • Give constructive, effective feedback to trainees

Course Outline:

  • Planning how to maintain the learning climate
  • Facilitating methods of information gathering
  • Examining tips for the facilitation process
  • Brainstorming ways to gain instructor credibility
  • Discussing skills for giving effective feedback
  • Polishing questioning skills and techniques
  • Exploring techniques for facilitating effective activities
  • Developing techniques to effectively manage time
  • Reviewing a group dynamics model
  • Identifying and adapt your instructional style
  • Recognizing and planning responses to participant verbal behaviors
  • Handling challenges in the classroom
  • Examining ways to positively influence training transfer

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