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  • History and Introduction of spreadsheets 
  • Prevent data loss in the Event of System 


Didn't Save a Workbook? Don't Worry- Save a Workbook 

Basic Formula & Function

  • Advanced Excel Functions 
  • Applying Relative, Absolute & Mixed Referencing 
  • Defining Names & Using them in Functions 

Formatting Techniques

  • Advanced Formatting Tools 
  • Customized Number Formatting 
  • Working with Pictures, Objects and Smart Art 

Dates & Times

  • The Science of Dates in Excel & Date Functions 
  • Working of Time in Excel and Useful Time  Functions 
  • Prepare Daily and Monthly Schedules 

Efficient Handling of Data

  • Quick Data Selection Techniques 
  • Quick Data Entry Techniques 
  • Use of Special Paste 
  • Accelerating Copy Paste 
  • Managing a Large Quantity of Data 
  • Excel Advanced New Feature: 
  • Flash Fill & Quick Analysis 
  • Summarizing Data with Sorting and filtering 
  • Advanced Use of Find & Replace 

Analyzing Data with Conditional Formatting

  • Highlighting Values based on Criteria 
  • Applying & Managing Formatting Rules 
  • Using the Data Bars, Icon Sets & Color Scales 

Charts & Graphs

  • Creating a Chart in no Time! 
  • Most Commonly Used Charts 
  • DO's & Don'ts of Excel Chart Formatting 
  • Charts Formatting 
  • Advanced Charting Techniques 

Working with Tables

  • Exploring the Power of Excel Tables 
  • Creating Dynamic Ranges with Tables 

IF Function with AND & OR

  • Applying the Powerful IF Function 
  • Simple IF & Nested IF Function AND Function Combined with IF Function  OR Function Combined with IF Function 

Lookup Functions

  • VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP & its Limitations 
  • Alternate to VLOOKUP: Combining Index- match 

Pivot Tables

  • A Powerful Reporting Tool 
  • Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables 
  • Walking Through Report Builder Layout 
  • Managing & Presenting Pivot Tables Data 
  • Working with Pivot Charts 
  •    Excel Advanced New Feature: Slicers & Timeline 

Data Validation

  • Creating Drop down List 
  • Regulating and Managing the Entry of Data 
  • Custom Input Message and Error Alert 

What-If Analysis

    • Using the Brilliant Goal-Seek Feature 
    • Use of Data Tables to Display Probable Results 
    • Using Scenario Manager to Summarize Results 
    Auditing Spreadsheet

    • Identifying the Source Cell 
    • Tracking changes made to Data 

    Managing Worksheets

    • Consolidating Data 
    • Lining Worksheets & Workbooks 
    • Calculating Across Worksheets with "3-D Formula" 
    • Creating a Hyperlink 

    Printing & Security

    • Walking Through Advanced Printing 
    • Techniques 
    • Restricting Editing in Data 

    • What is a Macro? 
    • Recording & Running/Executing a Macro 
    • Assigning Macros to Objects 
    • Adding Interactive Form Controls to Worksheet

    Updated on 06 December, 2017

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