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Program Overview
Communicating information, ideas and findings effectively and concisely is a key skill that is essential to achieving success in today's workplace. By mastering the skills of business, report, and proposal planning, structuring, writing and presenting, writers develop a key competency that is increasingly recognized and valued.

Benefits & Added Value
By attending this program participants will:
  • Motivate readers to adopt specific actions.
  • Create a professional image through their writing.
  • Write error-free documents in less time.
  • Rivet readers' attention to get e-mails read.
  • Catch the hardest to find mistakes.
  • Avoid common mistakes.
  • Increase their ability to generate ideas and organize ;
  • Produce clear, concise and effective writing that achieves their objectives.
  • Develop a writing style that is interesting, informative and professional.
Program Content
  • Introduction and Overview
    1. Course Objectives
    2. Outline
    3. Purpose:  Why are we here?
  • Business and Report writing:  How We Transfer Factual Information and Knowledge
    1. The Importance of Business and Report Writing
    2. What Business and Reporting Writing is
    3. What Business and Report Writing Does - Factual Communication of Experience
    4. Problems in Factual Communication
  • Business Correspondence
    1. The Role of Correspondence in Business, Science, Technology, and Industry
    2. The Psychology of Correspondence
    3. Organizing Your Letter/ Memo/E-Mail/Fax
    4. Formats of Memos/Letters/E-Mails/Faxes
    5. Mechanical Details
    6. The Memorandum
    7. The E-Mail
    8. The Fax
    9. Letters/Memos/E-Mails of Inquiry
    10. Answers to an Inquiry
    11. The Quotation Letters/E-Mails
    12. Claim Letters/E-Mails
    13. The Adjustment Letter/E-Mails
    14. The Memo/Letter/E-Mail of Instructions
  • Short (Shorter) Report Forms
    1. The Letter Report
    2. The Memo Report
    3. The E-Mail Repot
    4. Progress Reports
    5. Recommendation Reports
    6. Activity Reports
  • Long Reports
    1. Types of  Long Reports
    2. Components of Long Reports
      • Title Page
      • Abstract/Executive Summary
      • Introduction
      • Report Body
      • Results, Conclusions, and Recommendations
      • References
      • Figures and Tables
      • Appendices 
  • Proposals:  from Concept to Document
    1. What a Proposal Is
    2. Letter Proposals
    3. The Formal Proposal 
  • Presenting Tables and Graphs
    1. Constructing Tables
    2. Types of Tables
    3. Displaying Statistical Data
    4. Displaying a Process in Table Forms
    5. Using Photographs, Drawings, and Cartoons
    6. Using Exploded Views
    7. Using Maps
    8. Using Graphs, Charts, and Curves
  • General Guidelines for Business and Report Writing
    1. Business and Report Writing is Concise, Clear, Accurate and Persuasive
    2. Content, Style, and Mechanics
    3. Complete Reports
Updated on 22 January, 2018

Job roles this course is suitable for:

Professionals , Managers , All Levels of Employees

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