PowerTransform Advance Electrical Engineer Training Program PowerTransform
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Basic Electrical Concepts- Basic Electrical CalculationsTypes of Electrical Connections- Residential Electrical Calculations & House Wiring System -Lux / Lighting Calculation UPS / Battery Sizing - Industrial Load Calculation Calculating Maximum Demand, Actual Demand etcTransformer Rating-Cable / Busbar Rating-Selection of Protective Devices-Panel Board Designing -Selection of StartersDOL Starter Star- Delta Starter-Autotransformer StarterDesigning of Motor Control Circuit(MCC)
Selection of Relays & Relay Settings LV Switchgear Design Powerfactor Calculation & CorrectionGenerator SizingSubstation Design & HV Switchgear design
Testing of Electrical Equipments Updated on 22 January, 2018

Eligibility / Requirements

Any electrical engineering student, fresher , jobseeker can attend the training program

About PowerTransform

Power Transform offers Electrical Training Programs for Electrical freshers , Electrical students & working professionals also.
Power transform electrical training Center was established with the prime intention of making the process of employment better & brighter for fresh electrical graduates (Engineering & Diploma). The aim of the course is to enrich a student, by empowering his application skills and thus creating better & bright chances for his employment.
The company is registered under M.S.M.E, Department of Industries & Commerce, Chennai ,Tamil Nadu for providing Technical Training Services.

Why us?
• Qualified and Experienced Trainers: Our training team consists of qualified, experienced and working professionals.
• Technical Training: Our course combines both theoretical & practical classes to make learning easy and informative                                                                                                                                
• Case Study: Case studies across the fields are provided to the candidates to improve their application skills & working knowledge.
• Convenient Place: Training center is located in the heart of the city.
• Training Material: Materials provided are of high standards and details

PowerTransform is a skill development training center dedicated for Electrical Engineering Graduates See all PowerTransform courses

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