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Adobe InDesign CS3 Level 1: Fundamentals to Intermediate, explores the use of the most powerful desktop publishing program on the market. Students will use frames to place text and graphics, learn typography and paragraph formatting, and explore how to draw and manipulate objects and graphics. The workshop is designed for anyone who is new to InDesign and desktop publishing.

Prerequisite: Macintosh or PC experience required, some experience with word-processing, presentation or desktop publishing programs is helpful.

Course Outline

What InDesign is and how it fits in to the CS3 Suite

  • About InDesign and Desktop Publishing 
  • Use Bridge to import text and graphics with drag and drop, instead of place 
  • Organize InDesign files with Bridge 

Document Creation

  • Overview of toolbox, panels, page navigation and online help 
  • Create a new document. Save the new document settings. 
  • Work with the panels. Save a workspace. Set up page size, margins, columns, bleeds etc for a new document. Save as a document preset. 
  • Use the pages panel to add, move pages and more 

Objects & Drawing

  • Draw paths, objects and work with strokes and fills. 
  • Draw and manipulate the 3 types of frames. 
  • Use any object as a frame, including basic or hand drawn shapes and converted text. 
  • Select multiple objects using the marquee select, select all and shift select. 
  • Use transform panel to scale, rotate and modify objects. 
  • Draw frames & change line color, style and width of strokes. 
  • Text frame options for text and graphic frames 

Text: Place and Format

  • Create Text frames 
  • Use automatic, semi-automatic and manual text placement. 
  • Link and unlink from one text frame to another on the same page or another page. 
  • Character Formats: Apply fonts, change size, kerning & tracking 
  • Use the control panel, info panel and shortcuts 
  • Paragraph Formats: Indent paragraphs, adjust the space before or after the paragraphs and add drop caps. 
  • Paragraph vs. single –line composer, keep settings and justification 
  • Apply paragraph rules above and below a paragraph and change offset values. 
  • Work with tabs to align a column of text or figures. 
  • Find and Change to replace text 
  • Spell Check 
  • Create a basic table. Convert text to a table. Basic formatting of text and cells. 


  • Place pictures and graphics such as EPS, PCT, TIFF, AI, PDF and PSD. 
  • Use the fitting command to change size of a graphic relative to its’ frame. 
  • Change the size of frames and graphics. 
  • Use the selection tools to select the frame or the graphic 
  • Apply text wrap to run text around a graphic. Change the outset, and the shape. 
  • Understand the Links Palette to Edit Original, Update and Relink graphics 
  • Use the Eyedropper tool to pick up formatting from one object to apply to another 

Color, Gradients and Transparency 

  • Create new Process, Spot & Pantone colors using the swatches palette. Create Tints. 
  • Create Gradients to be applied to fills, strokes and text. 
  • Use the Gradient Tool to adjust the angle of a linear gradient or the center point of a radial gradient. 
  • Apply Transparency to objects. 
  • Apply Drop Shadow to text or an object 
  • Understand how to use transparency settings effectively, considerations for pre-press 


  • Understand Paragraph and Character Styles 
  • Create and apply style sheets to paragraphs using menus and palettes. 
  • Create character styles and apply to words or phrases within a paragraph 
  • Update a style 
  • Redefine a style from document text 

Master Pages

  • Understand Master Pages and what they are used for 
  • Modify the default master page, add new masters 
  • Create automatic page numbering 
  • Apply a master to a page or range of pages.  
  • Create and remove local overrides 

Export and Print

  • Save an InDesign file (.indd) InDesign Template (.indt) 
  • Understand the benefit for saving a file as an InDesign Interchange (.inx) 
  • Create Adobe PDF files: Export to PDF, set preferences and create PDF Export presets 
  • Printing Options 
  • Transparency Flattener settings and tips

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