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Illustrators conceptualize and create illustrations that represent an idea or a story through two-dimensional or three-dimensional images. Illustrators may do drawings for printed materials such as books, magazines, and other publications, or for commercial products such as textiles, packaging, wrapping paper, greeting cards, calendars, stationary, and more. The one who possess some artistic talent and creative imagination can do this course.

Course Contents 

Exploring the Environment

  • Getting Started
  •  Creating, Saving and Closing Documents

Explore With Colors

  •  Changing fill and stroke colors
  • Manipulating stroke options
  • Using the Color palette and swatches

Create Simple Illustration

  • Drawing basic shapes
  • Modifying shapes using anchor points
  •  Grouping and Ungrouping shapes

Working with Text

  •  Using the text tool
  •  Altering text
  • Using Type palettes

Working with Images

  • Placing an Image in Illustrator document
  •  Image Tracing in different methods
  •  Take the output as outlines.

Eraser Tools

  • Eraser tool
  •  Knife and Scissors

Create New Brushes

  • Applying different types of brushes in your artwork
  • Creating Calligraphic and Art brushes
  •  Creating Scatter brushes


  •  Applying gradient colors using gradient tool
  • Editing gradient
  •  Applying gradient colors using gradient mesh

Live Paint Group

  • Shape Builder Tool- To make complex Shapes
  •  Live Paint Tool
  • Live Paint Selection Tool

Symbols & Warp Tools

  • Introduction to warp tools
  •  Introduction to symbols and symbol library
  • Creating new symbols

Blend Tool

  •  Introduction to shape blending
  •  Introduction to color blending

Working with Pathfinder

  •  Introduction to Pathfinder options
  • Shape merging and subtracting
  •  Exclude and intersect
  •  pide and trim

Create Logos

  •  Create paths
  •  Editing paths
  •  Logo creations

Working with Layers

  • Working with Layers
  • Create layers and sub layers

Working with Mask

  •  Applying mask
  • Compound path

Export Command

  •  Export your artwork in AutoCAD Drawing format
  •  Export as PNG format
  • Export as Jpeg format
  •  Export as PSD format


  • Printing Illustrations
  •  Adjusting the print specification.

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