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Adobe After Effects Level 1 is a course that will introduce the After Effects software and take the student from start to finish on a basic animation project using most of After Effects' standard features. You will learn about the integrated vector paint tools with Photoshop-style brushes, all-new motion tracking, Render Automation, keying, and many other features. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Course Outline

After Effects CS3 New Features:

  • New Shape Layers tool: Using Vector Graphics and Vector Effects in Editing 
  • New Puppet Tool: Animating live motion using Motion Sketch and Overlap 
  • Improved Photoshop integration; manipulate layer styles from within After Effects 
  • Improved Flash integration; greatly improved importing, exporting, and FLV file conversions 
  • Per-character 3-D text animation 
  • Brainstorm: see pre-made suggestions of possible animations 
  • New, Improved color management 
  • Video for Mobile devices 

Working with Images Such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Image Sequences

  • Working with Videfootage. 
  • Audio 
  • Interpreting Footage. 
  • Using square vs. non-square pixels. 

Working with composition/Timeline windows.

  • Composition settings. 
  • Creating new comps. 
  • Bringing footage into a comp. 
  • Working with layers. 
  • Setting up layer and comp markers. 
  • Creating solids. 
  • Nesting Compositions. (precomposing) 

Timeline window attributes.

  • Transformation settings. 
  • Anchor Point. 
  • Changing positions. 
  • Scale. 
  • Rotation. 
  • Adjusting Opacity. 
  • Frame Blending, Motion Blur, Draft Mode, Continuously Rasterize, etc. 

Artistic Aspects of After Effects

  • Using the vector paint engine brings Photoshop-style brushes to do frame-by-frame touchups or to paint creatively. 
  • Warping and liquefying to create distortions. 

The After Effects Workflow: Animation 101 Keyframe basics.

  • Animating properties over time. 
  • Motion paths. 
  • Keyframe Assistants 
  • Using the improved Tracking and Stabilization features. 
  • Using Convert Audio to Keyframes instead of Motion Math. 

Modes, Masks, Mattes

  • Transfer Modes. 
  • Defining. 
  • Working with Masking. 
  • Importing masks from Illustrator. 
  • Using the pen tool to create masks. 
  • Track Mattes. 


  • Effects Basics. 
  • Applying effects to a layer. 
  • Applying effects to a nested comp. 
  • Adjustment Layers. 

Importing & Rendering

  • Interpret Footage. 
  • Render Queue. 
  • Render Settings.

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