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Chapter 1: Balance Sheet equilibrium & the modifications of assets & liabilities

  • Economical activity of the company
  • The balance sheet equilibrium
  • Elements of balance sheet
  • Balance sheet equilibrium
  • Modifications of the balance sheet
  • Tracing the modifications on the elements of the balance sheet
  • Concluding one of the balance sheet elements from the information
  • of other elements
  • Exercises

Chapter 2: Expenses & revenues of the company

  • Definition of expenses & revenues
  • Concept of the result
  • The result in a service company
  • The result in a trading company (Goods exchanged)
  • Classification of expenses & revenues
  • Current and commercial activity
  • Financing activity
  • Exceptional activity
  • Exercises

Chapter 3: The double entry system

  • Two sided accounts
  • Double entry
  • Exercises

Chapter 4: The daily journal and the ledger

  • The form of the daily journal
  • Simple and compounded entry
  • Posting to the ledger
  • Definition of the ledger
  • How to post to the ledger
  • Balancing off accounts
  • Exercises

Chapter 5: Trial balance by totals and balances

  • Trial balance by totals
  • Trial balance by balances
  • Example
  • Exercises

Chapter 6: The accounting cycle in the company

  • General view
  • The flow of information in the accounting system
  • Practical example
  • Exercises 

Chapter 7: Purchases and sales of goods

  • Operating cycle
  • Purchases of goods
  • Purchases of goods and returns
  • Purchases of raw materials and returns
  • Purchases of consumable materials and returns
  • Purchases of packing materials and returns
  • Sales of goods
  • Sales of goods and returns
  • Sales of finished products and returns
  • Purchases of fixed assets
  • Fixed assets
  • Elements of cost of tangible fixed assets
  • Other cases
  • Pre purchase orders
  • Sale of raw and consumable materials
  • Exercises

Chapter 8: Preparing final accounts

  • Preparing the result account
  • Result
  • The detailed managerial results
  • Preparing balance sheet
  • Definition of the balance sheet
  • Groups of the balance sheet and its elements
  • Exercises 

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