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The Accelerated Implementing HP A & E-Series Secure Infrastructure Networks course is a 5-day course combining the Implementing HP

A-Series Networks and Implementing, HP E-Series Networks and Implementing HP Network Infrastructure Security courses.

The Accelerated Implementing HP A & E-Series Secure Infrastructure Networks course describes techniques for designing and implementing resilient switched and routed converged networks based on the HP A & E-Series switches. These networks will be capable of fulfilling the “triple play” requirement of supporting voice, video, and data transmissions on a unified infrastructure. This accelerated training will provide network engineers and technicians with the knowledge and skills necessary to configure HP A &E-Series switches supporting network redundancy at Layer 2 and Layer 3, networks supporting IPv4 and IPv6 as well as OSPFv2 and OSPFv3 and IP multicast routing supported network systems.

Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) will also be covered in this training. Device access security can be accomplished with various techniques.

This accelerated course will cover topics like, Traffic Mirroring, ACLs, MAC address protection, Spanning Tree Protection, DHCP Protection and ARP Protection. These features and others will help to protect a network from both intentional and unintentional threats. This class will explore those features that help to protect the network itself. Many network protocols are designed to be interoperable and do not have built in security. These network protection features of both the A-Series and E-Series devices help to protect those insecure protocols.


  • Design, implement, and troubleshoot routed and bridged networks using industry standard protocols, focusing on OSPF, VRRP, and MSTP.
  • Design and implement networks IGMP and PIM Dense or PIM Sparse.
  • Design and implement IRF.
  • Deploy and configure the HP A & E-Series switches.
  • Design and implement “triple play” networks utilizing HP networking’s available prioritization and QoS features
  • Design and implement IPv6 and OSPFv3.
  • Design and implement secure infrastructure networks focusing on STP, DHCP and ARP Protection, Traffic Mirroring, ACLs and Virus Throttling.

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