70-483 Practice Exam: Programming in C# Certification (MCSD) Udemy
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    Microsoft's certification program is the leading certification program for IT professionals. It helps you to show what you can do and not simply what you know. It allows you to demonstrate your proficiency and skill with typical tasks that you as a developer perform daily in your job.

    Once passing Microsoft Certification Exam, you will be recognized for your skills, which in turn will allow you to promote yourself to relevant communities, projects, or employers.

    Once you have completed this practice exam, you will have gained a solid understanding of the fundamental aspects of C#, as well as be able to appear for the 70-483 certification exam.

    Microsoft offers a set of certifications that validate a software developer's expertise in Microsoft technologies. Certifications such as the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) are achieved by passing a set of related certification exams, each with a different technology focus.

    Candidates should also have a thorough understanding of the following:

    • Managing program flow and events
    • Asynchronous programming and threading
    • Data validation and working with data collections including LINQ
    • Handling errors and exceptions
    • Working with arrays and collections
    • Working with variables, operators, and expressions
    • Working with classes and methods
    • Decision and iteration statements
    Updated on 26 February, 2018

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