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The IFA Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training is an advanced qualification for practicing and aspiring personal trainers, who have successfully completed the Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instruction.

Throughout the four weeks of teaching, learners will get the chance to build on their prior experience and deepen their understanding of the vital components of fitness, anatomy and physiology, and functional kinesiology. This qualification will enable you to conduct unsupervised fitness instruction including one-on-one training, baseline assessments, nutritional advice and progressive programing that is tailor-made to individual client needs.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to: 

  • Draw on a comprehensive understanding of anatomy and physiology, components of fitness, and functional kinesiology and concepts. 
  • Successfully gather and analyze client information. 
  • Assess a client's health and fitness status over time. 
  • Plan and conduct a physical activity session within a variety of environments using multiple resources. 
  • Perform a client consultation using internationally-recognized methods and provide strategies for successful behavior change/adjustment. 
  • Communicate effectively to build successful relationships with clients and other healthcare professionals. 
  • Manage, evaluate and improve on personal fitness performance. 
  • Offer nutritional advice in the context of physical activity based on client needs. 
Qualification Type:

The IFA Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training has been accredited on the 'Regulated Qualification Framework' (RQF) in the UK, providing an additional assurance towards the quality of the vocational qualification.

In short, the RQF:

  • Recognizes smaller steps of learning and enables learners to build up qualifications over time 
  • Raises learners' employability by achieving skills and qualifications that meet industry needs 
  • Enables work-based training to be nationally recognized 

Who is the course for? 

Prior to enrolling in the IFA Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training, learners must have completed the necessary pre-requisite education in Level 2 Fitness Instruction either at IFA or an equivalent institution. Note that the course requires physical activity and individual participation, thus a degree of physical fitness is required. You will also need to engage in elements of communication (discussion, presentation, reading, and writing) that require an adequate level of English language skills, as well as basic computation/numeric skills.

Updated on 28 November, 2018

Job roles this course is suitable for:

Personal Trainer , Advanced Instructor , Gym Manager

About International Fitness Alliance

We offer internationally recognized fitness education programs certified worldwide, where our fitness courses unlock the doors to the world of professional fitness training. We graduated hundreds of Internationally Certified Trainers who are now working allover the world, from Qatar to the UK, USA and many other countries.

Our Mission International Fitness Alliance is committed to work on every possible opportunity to help raise the standards of health and fitness globally. We lead the way through organizing, educating, and promoting the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our Vision is to be a leading company in the fitness industry to provide the highest quality of education and services to its students. We aim to provide a challenging and inclusive education by focusing on the needs of our students to help them reach their full potential way through.

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