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This course is designed to take you to the amazing world of three-dimensional design through the most popular and most powerful program in this area (3D studio Max) which fits all who interested in the field of three-dimensional design, whether he has the experience or not.

Core Track:

  • Modeling
  • Modeling with modifiers
  • Modeling wit shapes
  • Import shape from AutoCAD and Illustrator
  • Modeling with Editable Poly


  • Standard Material
  • Architectural material
  • Ray-trace material
  • Blend material
  • Multi-sub-object material
  • Matt-shadow material

Course Outlines

  • Material based modifiers
  • Lighting
  • Standard lighting
  • Photometric lighting
  • Camera
  • Free camera
  • Target camera
  • Animation
  • Animation Basics
  • Key-framing
  • Path-constraint


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Building any kind of maquettes whatever degree of difficulty.
  • Add raw materials realistically.
  • Add types of indoor and outdoor lighting naturally and real.
  • Add scene camera and adjust its properties to get a realistic picture.
  • Animate objects in the scene and add some natural phenomena such as wind effect on the cloth.
  • Add the physical properties of the elements to move spontaneously and naturally.
  • Render a photo-realistic image or movie by using V-ray.

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