Students Learn  How To Render The 3D model  For  An Interior or Exterior Scene Using Photo Realistic Vray Renderer from Chaos Group . The Rendering Process requires applying different techniques of lighting and Vray materials. Student must apply 3 projects one exterior scene and 2 interior scenes in this course during lectures and at home.


  • Standard Lighting Using Omni light & Spot light
  • Render Scene  Testing  Settings & Global Illumination in Vray
  • Setting up Day lighting for an Exterior Scene
  • Using HDRI images for  GI Environment & adding Background
  • Material Editor general Settings
  • Vray material Diffuse channel
  •  Vray material reflection & Glossiness channels
  • Vray material refraction channel
  • Vray material Bump channel
  • Vray material Opacity channel
  • Using maps in Vray Material
  • Applying An Exterior Project In Day Light & final Render Settings
  • Setting up Day lighting for an Interior  Scene With testing Render  Settings 
  • Using Vray Light in an interior Day light Scene
  • merging furniture with vray materials to the interior scene
  • Vray- Arch shaders materials
  • Applying An Interior Project In Day Light & final Render Settings
  • Setting up Artificial lighting for an Interior  Scene With testing Render Settings
  • Photometric lights & IES lights
  • Creating Hidden light using vray lights
  •  Creating spot lights
  • Applying An Interior Project  Artificial lighting & final Render Settings
  • Applying An Exterior  Project In Artificial lighting & final Render Settings


  • 3dsmax design 2012- Level 1 - Basic 3D modeling for classical Buildings.

DAR AMMAN ACADEMY was established in 1988, with technological development and telecommunication, DAR AMMAN entered this development. 

In year 2000 DAR AMMAN ACADEMY has become specialized academy in telecommunications, computers, and maintenance and networks. It is the first and the only academy in Jordan and arab world in mobile maintenance ctheirses with high tech. equipment and Training. 

Dar Amman becomes a name in Jordan, Arab world and the world. 

Thanks to Allah their trainers was from all the world of all nationalities and they are now in the lead among the academies. 

DAR AMMAN ACADEMY is a practical nature in computer maintenance field and his software, electronics field with all branched, networks with all specialties and branches, and more and more...

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