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  • Timings: Full Time, 6th - 8th July, 2020

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    Leveraging AI for Business Value

    While flashy or exotic applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and other related automation approaches get a lot of press, there are many simple AI approaches that yield business value. The key to success in AI is an awareness of what technologies fit your organization needs. Applying AI technology and concepts to everyday processes makes the work easier, more reliable, and more productive.

    Understanding, organizing, integrating and delivering AI is a key issue today. Business must be clear about the use and value of AI to avoid chasing an unachievable and expensive dream. Applying an incremental approach to using AI builds on the understanding that small scope opportunities have a high degree of success.
    AI is a collection of technologies that recognize patterns. The patterns replace the tedium people must do in support of a process. Identifying these points of opportunity is the link to applying small and effective AI solutions.

    Small projects also provide the insight regarding how well AI is absorbed into the every-day operation. AI carries with it many implications. Jobs change dramatically and current skills may become obsolete and displaced. There may be resistance to change and unrealistic fear of robots taking over as well. However, the positive side promises better paying work, newer and more interesting tasks and less physically demanding and boring operations.

    Managers and professionals should prepare for the coming changes. What can we expect from AI capabilities today? What may happen in the future? Answers for these and other questions are part of the value of this course.

    Expected Learning Outcomes:
    • Explain the different uses of AI today
    • Understand the techniques used for the different types of AI capability
    • Define a roadmap to reach effective use of AI
    • Explaining the technology available for AI
    • Interpret how AI can help the business
    • Select appropriate AI techniques for the business
    • Understand the limits of AI
    • Suggest operational opportunities for AI
    Updated on 05 October, 2020

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