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    Bridgebuilders is an engaging simulation for training leadership for multiple stakeholders sitting across different geographies, business units, or even departments. The game teaches leaders how to form and run well- functioning teams through challenging and good times. Today's leaders must be capable of creating and running high performance teams consisting of people from different cultures backgrounds.

    Bridgebuilders is inspired by recognized theories on management, virtual teams, and cultural traits, including Daniel Goleman, Stephen Bungay, Erin Meyers and Geert Hofstede

    Program Outcome:

    • Understanding how to address challenges facing leaders of distributed teams
    • Increased reflection on personal leadership styles and how to lead high-performance
    • Deliver quality output in an environment occupied by varied & diverse stakeholders
    Business Impact:

    • Alignment with strategic vision 
    • Efficient & coherent teams 
    • Enhanced stakeholder management

    Updated on 09 January, 2020

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